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Bob Balderson
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June 28, 2012
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Appeal from Kansas City
A few years ago at a National, I received this ruling: RHO opened 1NT, I overcalled 2D (one major) alerted by partner, and LHO bid 4D (clearly intended as Texas, but neither announced nor alerted by opener). Opener raised to 5D, responder bid 5H, and opener, looking confused, jumped to ...
Can you preemp and then bid again?
We play "Lose My Mind" doubles. If the preemptor doubles in this auction, it says, " I want to save unless you want to play this doubled." Partner either saves or passes to convert to penalty. It's not perfect, but at least both partners are involved.
How Do You Show An Invitational Hand With Five Spades Over 1NT
We play 1N-2C-2H-2S as inv with 4S (1N-2N is a gadget), so 1N-2C-2H-2N is inv with no major.
Tough, but Doable
We beat 4H two on a low diamond lead. Win Q - back to A - diamond ruff, club to ace, diamond ruff, overruff, but spade trick to follow. Declarer should have risen on the diamond because my partner opened the East hand. Then, declarer eventually makes 4H on a spade-diamond squeeze.
Extras or Minimum
The main problem with trying to play "fast arrival" in notrump is that it assumes that the 3N bidder is happy with 3N as a contract. Imagine that instead of QJT of spades you had Qxx.
What does this double tell you?
Demands a club lead in my partnership. You're much likely to want a club lead (2nd suit, could be short) than a heart lead (5+ and 7+ in the combined hands).
Is this hand worth balancing?
How about balancing with 3H?
Palm Springs Problems
I'm not sure, but doesn't a trump return also beat it? Declarer can't draw trumps and they can't afford not to? It looks like the only way to let it make is to continue hearts.
Assess the blame
Per (4), East can't have Kx, that would give declarer five spades.
Assess the blame
Partner can't have Kx - that would give declarer five spades.
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