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NT lead
This an extreme case - you basically have to go high (2nd from bad) or low (4th best). You have length and a poor honor (the ten). So, you need partner to win and continue or switch based on their holdings, the dummy's holding, and your partner's length in ...
Trouble with doubles - assess the blame
I'm not sure you can ever make if you play a low heart, South splits, and the play resumes as analyzed. In any case, it's not an "easy make", East must guess the hands perfectly against best defense.
Trouble with doubles - assess the blame
This hand brings attention to numerous points. First of all, the notion that because Deep Finesse says 2C can be beaten, it will be. Per one analyst: "Diamond won in dummy ♥J covered and ducked ♦Q won in dummy Two hearts with a finesse, pitching dummy's diamond Declarer can ...
Trouble with doubles - assess the blame
After a diamond lead won and the J of hearts covered and ducked and another diamond, declarer must finesse hearts and either cash the ace of clubs or only take one heart pitch. If he cashes the club ace, North rises on the first spade and plays three rounds of ...
Trouble with doubles - assess the blame
Looks like South overbid and N/S underdefended (hard to tell without diamond and club spots).
Major Suit Responses To Unbalanced 1!D
I played this for a few years and found that you need to play 1D-1H-1S as four hearts. That way, when opener has diamonds and hearts with a minimum and responder has spades and hearts with a minimum, you can find hearts. Also, we played 2H/2S responses as weak ...
What about: 1D-1H-1N-P 3C-P-3D-P 3S... Now, responder will likely choose between 5D, 5N (pick a slam), and 6D based on the partnership style and how much they like their hand. They'll know they don't have the right hand for 3N.
Is there a PROVEN best carding method?
There is also the question of temporizing when you discard. That is, which system is better at allowing you to "hedge your bets" when you do not have a clear signal to make (or are unsure which signal to make)? My (purely subjective) table evidence leads me to believe that ...
ATB - Hopeless grand
Also worth noting that the "hopeless" grand slam was makeable without a diamond lead, the opponent not on lead had 4C and the KQ of diamonds.
Best option?
Declarer either has clubs or diamonds. For now, switch to the two of diamonds, playing partner for any honor - A, K, or T. Looks like we have 4 heart tricks and may easily need to get diamonds going before declarer sets up clubs. For example, AKx xxxx Kxx AKx or ...
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