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Is there a PROVEN best carding method?
There is also the question of temporizing when you discard. That is, which system is better at allowing you to "hedge your bets" when you do not have a clear signal to make (or are unsure which signal to make)? My (purely subjective) table evidence leads me to believe that ...
ATB - Hopeless grand
Also worth noting that the "hopeless" grand slam was makeable without a diamond lead, the opponent not on lead had 4C and the KQ of diamonds.
Best option?
Declarer either has clubs or diamonds. For now, switch to the two of diamonds, playing partner for any honor - A, K, or T. Looks like we have 4 heart tricks and may easily need to get diamonds going before declarer sets up clubs. For example, AKx xxxx Kxx AKx or ...
System problem
We stopped playing our heavily modified Polish Club system when partner wanted to switch to something simpler.
System problem
We stopped playing the system when partner wanted to switch to something simpler.
System problem
My regular partner and I used to play a very modified Polish Club, where 1C was 12-14/15-17 (by vul) bal, 2C+; 4C+ 10-20; or 0C+, very strong. 1D was 2D+, 18-19 or 4D+, 10-20. We played transfer responses to the club and the real problems for the 1C structure ...
Line of Play
Straightforward line seems to be to win the spade A and cash 5 clubs, pitching a diamond and a heart. Then, cross in diamonds and play heart to the 10 unless RHO plays an honor. Seems like a nice cross between the legitimate Qx, Kx, or KQ?? of hearts onside ...
Your choice for 3NT
Blue Moon - asks for specific aces 4C= 1 ace (4D asks, 4N = DA) 4D = no ace 4H = H + another (4S asks, 4N = Spades) 4S = S + a minor, 4N asks 4N = minor aces 5-level = other 3 aces than the one bid 5N = 4 aces
Gazzilli advice?
So, opposite xxxxx A AQxx AKx you might play your 7D contract in 1S.
What are your responses if playing Ogust?
We used to play Relay Ogust: 2H/S-2N-3D->3N are the usual Ogust responses and 2H/S-2N-3C is either bad-bad or in between. For example, you open 2S with AT9xxx Kxx xxx x. This hand is neither a good hand nor good suit by Ogust standards, but it's far ...
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