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Your choice for 3NT
Blue Moon - asks for specific aces 4C= 1 ace (4D asks, 4N = DA) 4D = no ace 4H = H + another (4S asks, 4N = Spades) 4S = S + a minor, 4N asks 4N = minor aces 5-level = other 3 aces than the one bid 5N = 4 aces
Gazzilli advice?
So, opposite xxxxx A AQxx AKx you might play your 7D contract in 1S.
What are your responses if playing Ogust?
We used to play Relay Ogust: 2H/S-2N-3D->3N are the usual Ogust responses and 2H/S-2N-3C is either bad-bad or in between. For example, you open 2S with AT9xxx Kxx xxx x. This hand is neither a good hand nor good suit by Ogust standards, but it's far ...
Can being fully ethical be unethical?
One time, after I opened 1NT, a national-level opponent bid 2S showing spades and a minor. Their partner didn't alert and 2S became the final contract. Before the opening lead, the overcaller announced that they had shown spades and a minor (the agreement on their card). When the hand ...
A Fun Double Dummy Problem
It looks like it's some sort of criss-cross squeeze. If south doesn't cover the spade, run 5 clubs to come down to A AKJ QJx opposite Qx Qxxx A. South either has to unguard a king or give up the heart suit. If South covers the spade, cash ...
Meaning of pass after (1M)-dbl-(redbl)
I played against a pair whose "official agreement" was that pass was penalty. In practice, after 1S-Dbl-Rdbl, responder of the doubler bid a very, very slow 2D on a 3-card suit (4-3-3-3) and the doubler never took another call with 4 good diamonds and a good 17 HCP.
Bidding Style Variation during an Event
So, you check the box for light openings, but decide not to open balanced 11-counts, vul, against strong opponents. Are you changing your style, your system, both, or neither?
Defense Against Short Minors
Michaels seems useful for two reasons--its preemptive value and the ability to simultaneously "overcall" two suits when you wouldn't necessarily want to overcall one. For example, with Jxxxx AKxxx x Ax after a 1D opening, bidding Michaels to get hearts into the picture immediately seems much better tactics than ...
A Major Minor problem
Observation: Assuming LHO wins the first club, you need to return to the dummy once to repeat the club finesse and once again to cash the final club winner. That means that both the AK of spades have to be played (and AKQ of hearts cashed before you cross the ...
1!H-1N; 2!H-2!S
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