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Bob Balderson
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June 28, 2012
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1!H-1N; 2!H-2!S
One card missing?
What is your opinion about this auction ?
North's 4C bid is weird. I would expect something like xxx A Axx Qxxxxx. Not enough to overcall 3C but enough to balance. But that usually won't make 5C opposite South's hand. Hard to imagine that anything funny is going on. Without hesitations it just looks like ...
How are the Hearts divided? Plan the play
Why did I play the King of diamonds?
ATB - too high and wrong strain (if there is one)
I've always followed Edgar Kaplan's approach - open 1C or 1S based on a combination of how the auction may go and the quality of your suits. Good spades, bad clubs, min, open 1S and rebid 2S over 2D/H. Bad spades, good clubs, open 1C and treat the ...
Missed Slam
So, you're saying that South "knows" to cue bid his club void but not count it as a control when partner bids keycard?
Missed Slam
Pretty hard on South. Imagine North with something like x KQxx KQJx AKQx. Obviously, RKC won't work, and if South makes any "try", North will go.
ATB Another Missed Slam
How about if South bids 4C over 3S and North bids 6C - choice of slams?
1M-1 forcing NT (Minimum expected values) (2 of 2)
Years ago, partner opened 1S (IMPs, strong opponents) and I had void xxxxx xxxxx Kxx. I toyed with passing but ended up responding 1N, forcing. LHO bid 2C and partner jump shifted to 3H. Do you or don't you? I managed to bid 4H in tempo and partner jumped ...
What is your Drury plan,
We play 2D is an artificial GF showing strong slam interest (the slam button), so other new suit bids are either game tries or mild slam tries. Thus, 2S would describe this hand (natural, 1RF, extras maybe based on distribution) if you didn't just want to bid game. And ...
ATB - first time partner
One big problem is that it's not easy for responder to "make a try". The obvious try, 5H, can mean at least three things, depending on partnership agreement: I'm showing first-round control and trying for slam; I'm not showing first-round control and trying for slam; or I ...
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