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Bob Bertoni
Bob Bertoni
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Feb. 27, 2012
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Oct. 14
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Bridge Player
about me

Player, Club Director, I started playing bridge in 2005.

President District 25 New England Bridge Conference

1st Alternate BOD

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Hawaii NABC's
Bridge Accomplishments
Made it to GLM in 6 years.
Regular Bridge Partners
Peter Manzon, Jeff Lehman
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Amesbury Duplicate Bridge Club, Owner
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ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
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Copy of Callie Brauer Bob Bertoni
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Canterbury Tales
Actually 18 Boards is the Minimum:D. NUMBER OF BOARDS Handbook Section I.D An open pair game must have a minimum of two-and-one-half tables. A two-table individual with a one-winner movement or a two-table team game (match awards only) is allowed. In any open club game every contestant must ...
May you bid after partner's hesitation
Pass is not a LA to me. I bid 3D and wish partner passed in tempo and since that is the client in this scenario it is a learning experience for them.
PARKER Wins 10k Mixed Swiss
Kudos to Adam then - thanks for clarification
PARKER Wins 10k Mixed Swiss
Congrats to this District 25 team, Well Done The Smiths also were on the winning GNT Flight A team in Toronto! As a side note while waiting for ACBL Live results to post this result last night I found this post on BW. You would hope that ACBL could get ...
Readers Digest version of Toronto Meetings
I have to say that to host a forum with 150 users does not use any significant bandwidth so that can not be the reason. ( I own a private rack of web hosting and Saas/Daas services) also discussion boards are basically a few clicks to install and maybe 10 ...
Requesting a higher bracket
There are times when this is really tough, we recently had 17 want the top bracket and when a grand life master with 3 good upcoming players landed in B2 there was an uproar, however with 11 and 10 making it 12 and 9 seems an easy solution I can ...
Toronto BoD Journal is Available
The rules for 501(C4) are that compensation can reach reasonable market standards for medium and large non profits. Since market is 232K per year and the 6K of total benefits all of which is far offset in expenses should not meet the criteria of adding quotation marks to suggest ...
Toronto BoD Journal is Available
I would say because the function of the BOG is "to ratify decisions of the BOD" and/or send them back to the BOD for reconsideration. The BOG function is to serve as a public forum and liaison between the BOD and the Players. The BOG can make a motion ...
Toronto BoD Journal is Available
Item 172-18 This is a great way to show your District Director that you hate him (or her). If that's the goal then great; vote yes. If you are really trying to save $50,000 I suggest that you look to ACBLScore+ 1.65M wastage, Online Partnership Desk (hundreds ...
Pianola Recommendations
Yes it is easy, you can even upload the master point fields and use them to sort. It does require changing the top header field- it prompts you through. If you ever uploaded events from a spreadsheet to google calendar the process is the same. As I commented I use ...

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