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Bob Hamman
Bob Hamman
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Sept. 21, 2010
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Nov. 23, 2019
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Bob Hamman is the former #1-ranked bridge player in the world, and currently President of SCA Promotions.

United States of America

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BOD Restructure Vote
For many years I have observed numerous attempts to make changes in the governance structure of the ACBL. I believe that change is a necessity for survival, I believe that The proposal outlined by Jo Ann is a good one with a reasonable chance of success. I am completely on ...
Kantar Wins 2017 Lazard Sportsmanship Award
Well done Eddie. Notwithstanding the well earned and overdue award, I still have a bone to pick with you for the time you narrowly edged me out in Table Tennis while you were sitting in a chair using a book for a paddle.
Winning as its own Reward
I belong to The Leo Durocher school. "Winning is not the most important thing, It is the only thing." Or as Bobby Wolff said following a particularly ignominius defeat, "Losing is a lot like dying, but losing is worse because the chances are you are going to have to do ...
In the Well: Bob Hamman
Unfortunately, I must abandon ship. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to hold court. Bye
In the Well: Bob Hamman
Drawing inferences from the opponents play is much easier against skilled opponents, such as yourself. Unfortunately, if they play well, they will often beat you. But in the final analysis getting too high because I managed to beat weak opposition has never been high on my priorities list. Lance was ...
In the Well: Bob Hamman
If I play a forcing club I strongly prefer 4 card majors because the 1 diamond opener is trashed by the precision approach. It is hard to throw 2 suits away. With a standard system I am neutral on the subject.
In the Well: Bob Hamman
In 2004 we had 500K at stake if the runner who was then in 3rd place late in the race. A spectator tackled the first place runner which effectively removed him from contention. So we were then in the position of needing a seemingly overweight italian to hang onto the ...
In the Well: Bob Hamman
I always think about past good memories. I do try to focus on the future. I once received a great birthday card. It said "Forget about the past, you can't change it. Forget about the present, I didn't get you one". I guess that leaves the future.
In the Well: Bob Hamman
Aging has less detrimental effects on bridge players because experience is a relatively important component of bridge. The economics of professional bridge create a situation where the seniors tour will continue because it simply creates additional events. If we had a prize money based situation the natural break would be ...
In the Well: Bob Hamman
Good tale.

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