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Bob Heitzman
Bob Heitzman
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Basic Information

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Sept. 17, 2010
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11 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Actuary; avid interests in bidding theory and professional basketball; teaching the games to 5 grandsons, now ages 5-11.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
A sectional swiss ten+ years ago where my team tied for first with a team that included several world class players; my partner was my daughter, Carla, and my teammates were my wife, Helen and our friend Alex Perlin.
Bridge Accomplishments
100+ sectional and regional wins; 2 seconds in NABC+ events
Regular Bridge Partners
Alex Perlin, James Sundstrom, Mike Prahin, Alex Allen, Jeff Morgan
Member of Bridge Club(s)
(the original) Cavendish in NYC
Favorite Tournaments
Nationals; my favorite site is Wash DC; second favorite is New Orleans except the food is too good to play bridge well
Favorite Conventions
Drury Doubles; Ultra Hi Def
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Double Trouble
What!?! Your partner thought it was penalty? You must have been playing with T Rex.
Follow up indivdual
Suggestion: How about a preliminary online individual tournament to determine some or all of the 16 at-large spots?
World championships individual
I suppose I might kibitz a few deals, but I'd much rather play in such an event. Also, if I did play I'd prefer to keep my winnings.
Phillip Martin's bidding problem: 2 AQ8 AQ9852 A62
Unless 2 is some sort of gazzilli variant, there is no good way to describe this hand, so I have to guess. Bidding a non-forcing 2 is not appealing, in part because even if partner doesn't pass it may not help us get to the right spot ...
Michael Kopera's bidding problem: 76 AKT75 Q9 J942
To me, this is a clear opening bid, but I guess I can answer the question posed as passing is not off the charts. Why would you not bid at these colors? Not that passing could never work, but imo it is masterminding.
Rebid 1NT More Often
I think these reported results can be interpreted in different ways. Ime, most people seem to overrate 5-3 major suit fits vs. notrump, so I'm not that worried about passing opener's 1N rebid when I have a 5-card major as responder.
How do you interpret this double?
Sounds like you would have won the K/O had you just passed.
How do you interpret this double?
The textbook meaning is penalty. But I search my memory banks for deals where the penalty interpretation was lucrative, and I come up empty. I can remember lots of deals where a delayed takeout double would have been useful. Conclusion: yet another low-level double that is best played as takeout ...
Rebid 1NT More Often
I'm pretty sure David and Larry were also old-school on this issue. The given hand was J AQT Kxxxx Qxxx. Bobby, if you switch the minors, were you ever so old-school that you would have opened 1 and rebid 2 with 1=3=4=5? Just curious ...
Jon Green's bidding problem: J97 J875 964 J94
My experience is that your best strategy is to pass doubles like this with balanced weak hands rather than pull. However, when the choice is to defend 1N redoubled at imp pairs, the strategy has to be scrapped. Therefore, either play a different system or run initially. You didn't ...

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