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Jan. 20, 2012
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Elected to ACBL Board of Directors in 2009, term beginning January 2010. Running for a third term, and if re-elected, it will be my last. Have served in bridge governance and in many volunteer positions since 1992, exclusively in District 7. Past president of Mid-Atlantic Bridge Conference and District 7. Also worked in some compensated positions (primarily: D7 News editor, 2002-2013). Duke University graduate, career journalist, retired from Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Lived in metro Atlanta from 1984 until December 2011, when Barbara and I moved to Knoxville to be near our kids and grandkids.


(August 2015)

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An Open Letter to ACBL Unit and District Officers
Geez. To think that I used to REALLY care about this kind of thing. Why such obsession, such arguments rife with false equivalencies, over these bastardized knockouts? How about funneling all of this brainpower (I'm a Goodwill member) and energy toward teaching and truly improving and sustaining duplicate bridge ...
BOD Restructure Vote
The ACBL Board, as a whole, has a sad history of turning a deaf ear and blind eye to reform and restructuring that could better serve league membership and all stakeholders. Let us acknowledge that this motion is smartest in one very important way: It treats Board members as ''politicians ...
Re: Nic Hammond's "Detecting Cheating at Bridge"
The "screen surcharge" fails to cover the extra expenses incurred by the screen use; labor; the increase in directing staff; considerably more convention space -- and, last but certainly not least, the majority of cameras, other technology and monitoring needed to try to keep our game clean. I'm sure I ...
Motion to Authorize Hybrid Sectionals
As a member who spends 98+ percent of his playing time at tournaments, whether sectionals, regionals or NABCs, and as someone who is alarmed at the rate of shrinking attendance at these tournaments, I tend to view any reasonable idea or experiment very favorably. But not this one. It is ...
Open Las Vegas Discussion Thread
In response, particularly to Greg. The GNTs should be pushed hard by every unit and every district that wants to grow bridge, because they are a true grass roots event for Flights B and C -- and ALL participants, regardless of ability and experience, should be treated the same with one ...
What's going wrong with Gatlinburg ??
Thank you, Donald .... I should have tapped into my Sesame Street experience. Too subtle, I guess, with the lowercase "national" and emphasizing the reference was based on attendance analysis -- not the events, which were noted as all regional. Without parsing words, I believe "unique" better describes Gatlinburg than "outlier" -- though ...
Junior Entry Fees at ACBL NABC
Apologies (and embarrassment). I'm behind the times, and even a motion on which I voted. The 1500 should be 2500 for the same rationale.
What's going wrong with Gatlinburg ??
For attendance-watchers .... Gatlinburg faces even a bigger challenge next year. The Spring NABC is in Columbus. The chair(s) were very visible in Gatlinburg with a large table in front of the prize room, showing off literature, providing information and selling T-shirts. District 11 had the second-most number of players ...
What's going wrong with Gatlinburg ??
The 50-200 rule is irrelevant for Gatlinburg. As previously stated, Gatlinburg is not a regional (except in name). Even this year, it drew more REGIONAL tables in 7 days than Memphis did in 11 days. The Rodney report, however, is excellent as it pertains to "real regionals," where the lion ...
What's going wrong with Gatlinburg ??
Metro Atlanta has more bridge players than Birmingham, Nashville and every city, town, village and field of kudzu between. Charlotte also is large and a 4-hour drive. Gatlinburg has not been a District 7 event or really a regional for more than two decades. It is a national -- with roughly ...

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