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Jan. 20, 2012
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Elected to ACBL Board of Directors in 2009, term beginning January 2010. Running for a third term, and if re-elected, it will be my last. Have served in bridge governance and in many volunteer positions since 1992, exclusively in District 7. Past president of Mid-Atlantic Bridge Conference and District 7. Also worked in some compensated positions (primarily: D7 News editor, 2002-2013). Duke University graduate, career journalist, retired from Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Lived in metro Atlanta from 1984 until December 2011, when Barbara and I moved to Knoxville to be near our kids and grandkids.


(August 2015)

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One Glaring Example of ACBL's Bloated Bureaucracy
There is considerable BOD committee time being spent on restructuring ideas. Some Board of Governors members also are involved. No more than one or two of 25-plus believe that the status quo is the "right way." That's the good news. Even great news. As one Board member with a ...
One Glaring Example of ACBL's Bloated Bureaucracy
Stu: There are very, very, very few topics on which I'd make this statement. However: If D22 and D23 were to merge, it would be a 100-percenter that the Regional Allocation formula would be reworked. There are other such examples, because -- believe it or not -- 10 of our 25 ...
Gatlinburg Regional 2018 hits 8109 tables
Gold Rush debuted in 2011. The record attendance of 10,544 in Gatlinburg was established in 2007, which also set records for individuals (4,135) and masterpoints awarded (78,641.98). Also, new KO brackets in one session (34). Some Board members were so horrified that they voted to dramatically ...
Gatlinburg Regional 2018 hits 8109 tables
Gatlinburg being the ACBL's "fourth NABC" is more truth than fiction. Many metrics suggest that -- except, of course, the absence of anything NABC or platinum. Even with the significant attendance drop since the run of 10,000+ tournaments more than a decade ago, Gatlinburg attracts more tables of regional ...
REACH: Win Gold Pts at Clubs & Support International Bridge
Non-Life Masters are THE most grossly underrepresented on the ACBL Board of Directors. Anyone care to guess how many of our "Group of 25" (talk about high numbers ...) directly feel what 70% of our membership feels? Full disclosure: I AM a Life Master, but I do my very best to ...
REACH: Win Gold Pts at Clubs & Support International Bridge
Jan, as usual, is correct.
REACH: Win Gold Pts at Clubs & Support International Bridge
It is so disappointing to see this post laced with such cynicism. Stop looking into the mirror, folks. My Dad walked two miles against 40 mph winds in a blizzard, uphill both ways, to school every day, too. People such as Jan and Jay and Bahar and a vast majority ...
Re: Wilmington. Tournament chair Larry Harding says that rooms -- at the bridge rate -- in fact do exist, even at this late date. Call Pam Tryggeseth at the Hilton directly (M–F, 8–4), (910) 343-6123. It never hurts to contact the tournament chair any time there is an issue with ...
Votes for Hawaii
Simply to correct misinformation and answer a question. The motion was to move the fall BOD meetings from the NABC tournament site to Horn Lake. The dates would change from the Saturday or Sunday before the tournament through Wednesday afternoon, to three or four days in early November. Board members ...
Game Of Chance? College Club Shut Down
Ben, as your ACBL board rep, I assure you we will do everything possible to get this "judgment" overturned. After all, we do have education and interaction with the real world beyond classrooms on our side. Aren't those two reasons why colleges and universities exist?

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