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Bob Katz
Bob Katz
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July 21, 2011
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Bridge Player
about me

I am a member of the  Board of Directors of the United States Bridge Federation and the board of the Michigan Bridge Association in District 12.

I have placed in the top 3 of two recent NABC+ events and in the top 10 of a number of others.  I have won numerous regonal and sectional events.  


I typically play a 2/1 system with many gadgets.



United States of America

Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
Two recent thirds at the Nationals
Favorite Conventions
xyz, good/bad 2NT, Meckwell over opp strong NT, Walsh over our opening NT.
BBO Username
Bob Katz
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Senior COC issues with fewer teams entering
Unless I am misreading this somehow, if one favors eliminating as few teams as practical in a round robin (which is my view) then one disapproves of the suggestions.
How to Score a Round Robin Played in two Separate Segments
If you use the imp scale where it is adjusted for each imp, isn't it pretty close to the same whether scored separately or together?
Easiest GCOC change (I hope)
Anything which provides an accurate assessment of who is at fault should be deemed sufficient to assess an appropriate penalty.
How the matches are set in the senior trials
100% agree. If you are a top seed and you Q then you are guaranteed a first division finish. If a bottom then no matter where you finish it is still toward the bottom. I am not sure that it shouldn't be more like 80-20 that your RR finish ...
Poll Regarding Drop-Ins from Soloway to Blues
There are a great many national events, some more prestigious than others. Choices have to be made. A 3 day event is just that. Some of the best players lose on day 1. A bye to day 2 is just wrong. If players get through Fri-Sat of the Soloway but ...
Sleeping on the couch, again
Very interesting hand. While I love Annie, I think she maybe should figure out that you didn't lead the K of D and therefore likely don't have the Q and also that you had a problem determining how many spades she held. (I also believe you will figure ...
Poll #2: Replacement Team
Please see my comment regarding poll #1
TRYING AGAIN - POLL #1 - Eligibility of team that has lost 1 or 2 players
I voted against this entire procedure as a member of the USBF board. I remain against it. I am not willing to select from any of the choices, all of which I think are bad. In one way or another, they all poison the trials.
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
Not mentioned much is the significance of north doubling 4D. This means that IF west has the Ace of diamonds, he thinks he has 13 tricks in spades, knowing that a winning diamond finesse will not be a winning option. Hard to believe that he bid 7S in the hope ...
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
I fail to see how the hesitation is relevant given the comment by East. East obviously doesn't have the Ace of diamonds and he just told you that he may have screwed up since his partner may not have the ace either. That's good enough for me to ...

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