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Aug. 11, 2014
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Fouled board penalty
To the masses commenting on this. Our opponents played an entire board and found out at trick 12 that one had 14 and the other had 12. This is what made the board fouled. Down 26, we thought our best chance to win was to play the full set of ...
Trick 1 long hesitation
I'm saying that the BIT may not make a difference because finding pard with 4 spades may be the only way to set 3N. This is why we need to see the whole hand and auction. This makes the Ace of spades the only obvious play.
Trick 1 long hesitation
I tend to think that there is U! but whether the Ace can and should be played may depend on whether there were other inferences to make based on the auction. Also being imps, maybe opps were desperate to get to 5 tricks to set the hand and only hope ...
David Boxley's bidding problem: AQ J63 AKJ7 A862
Hey David, Why was south's first call 2D? Why not 2C?
Michielsen and Zia Win LM Pairs
Disregard this comment. LOL
Darin Campo's bidding problem: xx AJ9xx K9xx Tx
I originally bid 4N to push for slam, but after reading the discussion, I am a bigger fan of 5N and think it is the most descriptive bid. Pick the spot, pard. If he chooses wrongly, it will be his fault. LOL
Darin Campo's bidding problem: AK9xx Tx --- AKQTxx
I'm pretty sure that with any card, pard will bid game if you are bidding by yourself at the four level. With your sample hand, pard can bid 4s implying a club fit and choice of game. This is one of the few negative aspects of precision (I prefer ...
Craig Satersmoen's bidding problem: A743 75 QJ84 842
My thinking is a lot like Steve Gaynor's. I'm not a fan of bidding 1S with only 4 and if pard bids 1H, I will bid 1N. I'm pretty sure this will get the message to pard. Should imply spades. If opener started with a stiff or ...
ACBL Junior Memberships: What do you think of new policy?
I apologize if this was covered in an earlier comment (I didn't read them all). I have 2 children with memberships and they have had their memberships for quite a few years. They are only in elementary school now. At the time that I signed them up, I couldn ...
Minimum too good for fast arrival ?
I am in real agreement with Mr. Woolsey. This hand isn't close to being bad enough for FA. 2N may also be a consideration. Spades aren't great but distribution is right and it won't kill the auction. Gives pard another chance to explore. On another note: I ...

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