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Bob Marheine
Bob Marheine
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Feb. 15, 2012
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Aug. 4
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Mark Kinzer, Eric Mane, Doug Henry, Dave Schudson, Paul Schroeder
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Lake Geneva Regionals
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Fit showing jumps, Drury, Unspecified splinters
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Sapphire Life Master
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Yes. I guessed HOF, before checking. So, the ACBL's list of the 9 original, over 3 years, plus Helen Sobel, one of 8 inducted in '95.
Mark Kinzer's bidding problem: AK74 7 AK987 975
I know the table result, so abstained. I have to reinstall my Dealmaster (?) software somewhere and simulate this opposite (an) expected hand(s) like ??/1-loser 8 card/x/??? or similar and see what range of results occurs. Anybody have that handy and interested enough to do that exercise? (Since most ...
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: AK94 K32 J953 K9
Thanks, this topic isn't discussed enough. I remember reading about 40 years ago to mentally add a queen (updated to a king, I believe) to your hand and bid accordingly (both in balancing and in choosing a re-bid, consistent with balancing 1NT with 12+ vs direct 15+); trapping partner ...
Peter Flom's bidding problem: T52 AJT742 J Q85
If I played 3NT as a 'good' 4H call, so that I could bid 4H with the same hand with the H9 instead of the Heart Ace, I'd bid 3NT. If 3NT was supposed to show an outside defensive card, then I guess still 4H. Definitely 4H before splintering ...
Jeff Miller's bidding problem: K5 T764 KQJT A83
Jeff, was 3H necessary to deny 3S, 5D, or 4C? (else, why not a 3S raise?) Even with AQ-6th, Ax, Axx, Kx, opener can only count 10 tricks until 6D, then 11 tricks, so is/was 6H intended as "6D wasn't disappointing (but 5NT was still only a courtesy ...
Jeff Miller's bidding problem: K5 T764 KQJT A83
Hard to believe that a majority would pass the 2H overcaller with AQJ(T/x)xx / Ax / Ax(x) / Kx(x) without a(n unlikely) clear partnership agreement. But your 6-1-3-3 (or 6-1-2-4!) 7D construction IS worthy of Thomas Andrew's site.
Open Orlando Discussion <span>Thread</span>
Nice link Ed. Very strange prohibition considering I've never seen a picture of Walt without a moustache. Can you imagine Burl Ives being turned away? (7th picture down) Upon reflection, I have to wonder if this unwritten dress code wasn't ...
Fearing the 7775 Partnership Suit Distribution
I would be surprised to hear that there was a huge difference in the probability of being stuck with a 7775 partnership distribution between holding 4432 & 4333 hands. I'm guessing we'd be talking less than a 5% variance, so if there's only a 10% chance of that ...
What is the fit worth?
JG's KnR evaluator values/displays the responding hand as a (standalone) 9.0 pt hand. If I recall accurately, that includes an adjustment for the 5th club, so nothing for shortness; with likely longer trump in responder's hand, that seems appropriate.
What is the fit worth?
Jeff Goldsmith's Knr evaluator calls this a 9 point responder.

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