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Bob Meixner
Bob Meixner
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May 1, 2011
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Oct. 3
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Diamond Life Master
Two over one
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Polish Club
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Two over one
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Two over one
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Polish Club: doubt on sequence after 2 Club opening
I've been playing the Polish Club with one of my partners for several years and we have the same question. It is a good book but several places like this where he doesn't give any detail to follow-up bids. Maybe if Krzystof Jassem sees this thread he can ...
Hotel room in Atlanta
@Bill Not only that, she gets internet without having to pay those high taxes. '-)
The Worst Convention Ever
Kieran: LOL I didn't mean in original post that Flannery was *terrible* It just comes up so rarely and better to have 2D for multi; and 2M for 5M + 4cm
The Worst Convention Ever
Flannery. Road map for defenders.
Is there something better than BBO?
I agree with Serge's comments and after playing with GIB you can better understand why it occasionally makes strange bids/plays. Leo Lasota explained several of these in an on-line forum two years ago. I guess my question is why can't BBO switch to a stronger program (I ...
Scoring errors
The most common error that I encounter is the wrong direction being entered. If I am keeping score I try to minimize this by verbally announcing the contract and declarer as I enter it in the bridgepad.
Open Chicago Discussion Thread
Dear Gabrielle, My friends and I are having a wonderful time in Chicago! Wish you weren't here. XXXOOO
Helgemo's line in 4!h on #23 in final quarter vs Team Assael
he said Fantoni ducked so I presume he was East but I can see the wording might be confusing.
In the Zone
Nice hand/read. But on BBO you always open that hand 1NT; so you bid differently with human partners? :-)
What is the impact of the Instant Games on BBO?
I have played several of the instant tourneys and I think Leo did a good job of summarizing the key differences. The major advantage, imo, is that if I'm in a hurry and just missed the cutoff for a live tourney I don't have to wait 15 minutes ...

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