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Bob Munson
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Jan. 17, 2011
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Dec. 3, 2019
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Kibitzing the GNT finals in San Diego, July 1994. I can't remember who was playing, but I think it was the last hand of the afternoon. After a very long auction, the players arrived at a cold, lay down grand slam. There were few kibitzers but Edgar Kaplan was one of the kibitzers. Declarer seemed to me to take a huge amount of time (often a good habit!) prior to playing to trick 1, but it was clear - 13 tricks, no finesse, no split, 13 tricks. Soon the players left and there was nearly no one in the room but me and Edgar Kaplan. I asked Edgar what took him so long to play the hand. Edgar, with a twinkle in his eye, simply said "out of respect for the grand." I'll never forget it.
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Bob Munson's bidding problem: T9 JT654 A73 Q97
Right, I assume all players would use a 3 checkback bid if they were going to do a major suit checkback. The problem was posed to see if the weak suit, weak hand offered temptation to simply bid 3NT and forgo the checkback or if 'everyone' would checkback. Clearly ...
Trouble with doubles
Epilogue - this was IMPs, sorry for failing to mention this when I posed the problem. I think, to solve this problem, it is worthwhile considering what partner could have where he felt it was unsafe to compete vulnerable at the one level, but now wants to compete to score 9 ...
Trouble with doubles
Thanks Paul. I added that answer
6-5 come alive?
As I said earlier, I don't recall what action would have worked well on this hand. As you suggest (or as the title suggests - 6-5 come alive with a question mark), perhaps the 4 call was not so successful. But, I'm wondering about your wondering. Several times ...
6-5 come alive?
Richard - you have created quite a flurry of comments! Since this was June 22, I assumed it applied to the Sacramento Regional (as I am sure it did), but I was scratching my head trying to remember what actually happened. Then, today, I realized that this post was 2012, FIVE ...
Bob Munson's bidding problem: AQ6 73 AJ8763 65
Thanks to all for the votes and comments. I had always thought 4 card support was required to raise partner's second suit, but the overwhelming vote for 3S shows how wrong this is. Partner should know I cannot hold 4 due to my failure to mention spades at my ...
Bob Munson's bidding problem: K T987642 KQ KQ4
Richard, you doubled the vote count for 3H (from 1 to 2). I submitted this problem because various strong players opined that they would not consider a 2H overcall on such a week suit. Not that it matters, but the events at the table unfolded in an unexpected way. Partner ...
Bob Munson's bidding problem: AQ6 73 AJ8763 65
Clearly (to me) no call is appealing here. If you bid spades, it shows 4 (but since you didn't bid them last time, perhaps it shows 3 good ones?). I think hearts shows honor doubleon, diamonds shows 7 or a better suit than this, and clubs shows...something in ...
Grand Theft Larceny
Can't disagree with that.
Grand Theft Larceny
Ken, thanks for the comments. I did want to do both polls, plus the followup article...but I only did the one. Good point. I'll try to plan better next time. Or, maybe post the (2nd seat) poll in a year's time when all is forgotten?
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