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Bob Okker
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July 4, 2014
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Have mastered the Practice Finesse.
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Do you play this as forcing?
No bet, but you're close. We did predict 99%, which appears to be an underbid. This was a teaching environment on BBO. The auction started as shown above (the rest of the auction is immaterial) and afterwards, a student asked about whether the 2 overcall was forcing. Teacher ...
Bob Okker's bidding problem: Q86 652 J65 AKT8
You would think so wouldn't you? The opening bidder questioned his partner about his 2NT (natural invite) response. Responder, a "BBO Expert," replied with an exasperated, "sigh, I suppose I have to spell it out, if ur max and have 1 intermediate 3n is making,"
Why the uproar about Cell Phones? Are they really THE problem?
The "fake news" post-mortems could be disseminated via the internet and accessed with cell phones. I like it!
If partner thinks it's a weak jump-shift, introduce her to checkers.
Bob Okker's bidding problem: K92 63 T97 T9753
Not in the least. The BBO "expert" in the room--teaching--stated the following: “East’s 4 indicates he is willing to sacrifice vul vs. not. Therefore, South knows they likely have game. At an “expert” table, sitting South, I would bid 5 all day long.” A couple of us ...
A few 2/1=FG style questions
I agree with calling them "control bids," but also understand the original--and still common--name of "cue bid." At some point Rubens' nomenclature may become universal. Until then we live with both.
A few 2/1=FG style questions
1. Control. agreed. Not 5-5 in the blacks, as I believe 4 would be "shaping out." 2. Lacking agreements to the contrary, 2. Though I also play 2NT as promising 6+ here. 3. Pass. Regretting my choice (which I would not choose) of 3 . . . why ...
Todd Holes's bidding problem: KQ AKJT 2 KT9876
Steve, What if you do not have 2-way NMF or XYNT available? All you play is vanilla NMF.
#TellASadStoryInThreeWords(Bridge related)
I can think of a one word reply to this . . . but will refrain.
1NT response to 1M open while playing 2/1
1419. Having opened one of a major with 5-3-3-2 or 4=5=2=2, opener may pass a semiforcing one-notrump response with a hand deemed no stronger than . . . A. 12 high-card points [46] B. 13 high-card points [43] C. 14 high-card points [11] System addition: Having opened one of a ...

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