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Bob Okker
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July 4, 2014
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Feb. 19
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Have mastered the Practice Finesse.
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BW 2/1: Jumps to 3NT
BWS 2017 G. After Our Major-Suit Opening: After a two-over-one response, . . . two notrump . . . may be based on a minimum hand.
BW 2/1: Jumps to 3NT
I, too, learned about the Principle of Fast Arrival in Bridge 102. Then I moved on to Bridge 103 and discovered the superiority of this auction showing extras. Think about it.
Do you want to be in this slam?
What day of the week is it? If it's a Friday, then yes! Always slam on Friday.
BW 2/1: Opener's 3NT Rebid
Although it should be fairly obvious, especially in light of previous polls, perhaps reword the OP to specify "after responder's 2/1 GF."
Todd Holes's bidding problem: --- AK753 AQ7 AK965
Okay, your preference for doubling first comes through loud and clear. But help me to understand how doubling first helps. If the auction instead proceeds like this: (1) - P - (2) - X - (P) - 3 - (P) - ?? Now what?
Todd Holes's bidding problem: --- AK753 AQ7 AK965
While 3 next specifies your suits (with both reds we presumably hear some bid) is it forcing? I would think it (3) to be forward going with primary s. But it undersells the hand, in my opinion.
1NT opening 15-17
Jump-shift with 17? A hand (5332 presumably) that many would open 1NT? I don't see how forcing game with a 3 card jump-shift is furthering the accuracy of describing your hand. A 2NT rebid, however, I can understand.
ACBL Team cost vent - if it's as stupid as it looks. I'm hoping I was wrong.
"Deduct masterpoints if one player declares 73% to partner's 27%." Peg, now you've done it. Giving them ideas like this in an open forum only invites disaster. Wait to see it at the next NABC.
Do you play this as forcing?
No bet, but you're close. We did predict 99%, which appears to be an underbid. This was a teaching environment on BBO. The auction started as shown above (the rest of the auction is immaterial) and afterwards, a student asked about whether the 2 overcall was forcing. Teacher ...
Bob Okker's bidding problem: Q86 652 J65 AKT8
You would think so wouldn't you? The opening bidder questioned his partner about his 2NT (natural invite) response. Responder, a "BBO Expert," replied with an exasperated, "sigh, I suppose I have to spell it out, if ur max and have 1 intermediate 3n is making,"

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