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Bob Richardson
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Dec. 9, 2011
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Dec. 6
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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2/1 XYZ Transfers after 1C opening
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Silver Life Master
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Can we trust the statistical analysis in the Bridge?
Craig Zastera has touched on the biggest problem with double dummy analysis...2-way finesses are ALWAYS taken the right way. The great players get them right more than 50% of the time but not 100%. Of course there are many more differences between DD and real bridge but that stands ...
Challenging Deep Finesse...2019 version
Ulrich that was an extremely challenging hand for DDS. Longest time I've ever seen. At least no memory error. Total time was 98.1 seconds. N-S can make 4H and 4D while E-W can make 4S and 4C. Par is 5DX
Statistical Analysis of "Declarer's Advantage"?
Since the opening lead is the greatest source of DA, here's a report based on 80,000 deals that focuses on that. If the defenders can avoid a costly opening lead the final result will generally be a bit better than double dummy ...
Challenging Deep Finesse...2019 version
Bo Haglund's Double Dummy engine, free download at , seems to be much faster than Deep Finesse. My PC uses an Intel i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz and it solved Ulrich's hand in 3.5 seconds. This is the double dummy engine used by DDS ...
Statistical Analysis of "Declarer's Advantage"?
Double Dummy Solver, DDS, free download at, has very recently added the capability to analyze data based on declarer's advanage, DA. When tested on a large database of 80,000 deals played by JEC on BBO, these are some of the results I ...
Bob Munson's bidding problem: 86 9652 652 T987
I pass yes, we play Leb in this situation Not discussed - assume Leb is still on after the XX I sit for 2SX
5 recent BW comments on ACBL technology
You can download a free program - Double Dummy Solver (DDS) at which is perfect for analyzing your bidding and play. It is most useful if you play on BBO or in The Common Game since DDS lets you download all your results with just ...

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