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Aug. 29, 2015
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Kibitzer draws attention to a false concession
I saw this issue nicely resolved in a medium-to-high stakes rubber club twenty-something years ago , where the manager had pick-up slips for rubber scores and everybody held an account . A particularly-annoying ( some might have called him recidivist - Sydney players would recall the late O.M. ) kibber did just this in ...
What's partner up to?
Preempts work
What would you have done?
"Points , Schmoints" I have played countless oppo partnerships with local masterpoint currency equivalent to ACBL 13-15K total , and whom by attrition ( "monkeys & typewriters" perhaps ) have scragged a few "decent results in national events" about whom _I_ would be embarrassed to file a player memo , especially after that defense .......
Cost/benefit analysis of redoubling 1 notrump
Hi Doug Hagiographic reference :- Addendum 1NT-X-2C* can be played as "clubs-and-a-major" Of course you are correct , it's arbitrary which arrangement you choose . The Death Hand in any forced XX method is the weak 4333 ; in SWINE with 4clubs I think it best to ...
Cost/benefit analysis of redoubling 1 notrump
has it come up ?
Cost/benefit analysis of redoubling 1 notrump
but it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling when both sides play similar agressive methods , you play a trick better ( or , more usually , your oppos defend a trick worse than your Teammies ) and you pick up 9 IMPs for the extra doubled overtrick :)
Cost/benefit analysis of redoubling 1 notrump
and if they do stretch to game by mistake, and Responder has a few defensive assets ....
Cost/benefit analysis of redoubling 1 notrump
Adam , in my experience , I welcome Doubler ripping when Responder's Pass forces XX , irrespective of the duration of Advancer's hesitation , as penalty redoubles are way less frequent than the scrambling weak touching-two-suiters ( and 4333s ) which extract from a doubled weak- or mini-NT by the F.P. It's ...
How do you play this 4!s?
Call the Director , or rewrite your post :) !
Ruling question from Krakow
If East honestly thought that 6C was void-showing , it seems peculiar to me that his final call was 6S rather than 6D

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