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Bob Todd
Bob Todd
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May 8, 2012
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Jan. 14
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Bridge Player

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COPC winner, CNTC-A Silver Medalist,Bronze Medalist, CSTC Bronze medalist (2), CIPC Silver Medalist
Regular Bridge Partners
Doug Fisher
Favorite Conventions
weak NT 2 suited 2 bid, Multi
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Diamond Life Master
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Pollack - Fergani Lead Wernher Pairs
keep it up! bon chance
The Videos Speak: Fantoni-Nunes
"With the money involved in today's top-bridge it is, I'm sad to say, naive to believe that you can avoid cheating, unless it is made virtually impossible to cheat." Stig I think you meant "cannot avoid"... My original comment "Unfortunately, there is always a way to cheat. It ...
The Videos Speak: Fantoni-Nunes
Unfortunately, there is always a way to cheat. It just depends on how much effort you want to go to. Online bridge is certainly no better.
The Videos Speak: Fantoni-Nunes
Absolutely disgusting.
Israel Withdraws from Bermuda Bowl
Well said (by a true Canadian Hall of Famer)
Cayne/Schwartz Appeal & Appeals Committees in the wee hours
This stinks at all levels. What a joke. I thought that there was going to be cleanup of committee policies in Chicago. This will certainly be another setback for appeals and committees. Double shots at this level!! apparently there was much more to this story line than we first heard ...
New Orleans Board of Governors Meetings - Deja Vu!
I participated in the GNT in District 2 (last year, maybe 2 years ago). As Sharon indicates, that event was closely monitored. There was a director onsite and another available for contact. There were almost as many monitors as players. There was also a higher level ACBL director online if ...
Daniel Miles's bidding problem: AK98 A5 KJT63 Q3
Tough problem - but if playing weak NTs this problem comes up more often. If you don't act you are behind the field. Here a double may not be pure - 4351, 4441 etc but should be flexible (somewhat like the hand you have). Partner should be "somewhat" prepared. Playing ST ...
2013 Canadian Bridge Championships
Good work. You will represent Canada well.
Who gets the blame?
I agree North shares part of the blame - maybe even a large part, but everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that North could be sacrificing or bidding to make. To bid 5C at MPS N should have an offensive hand and it could be a two way shot. North ...

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