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Aug. 25, 2015
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July 18, 2017
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10 weeks
Imagine if in the same deal the same thing happened at the other table where the declare in the same contract made a same quick claim? At your table as defenders you didn't call the director and allowed the contract to make, while at the other table the opponents ...
What does WBF stands for ?
Women's basketball federation :)
(About cheating and more). It's finally the sheriff in town. So what?
I like the idea of tablet but I do not think the limit of ten seconds on each bid and lead is necessary. Here is why: With the help of computer, the tempo of other three players can be randomized; the computer can choose not to show you the other ...
Cheating With Hearing Aids
Very interesting information Neal. If I understand your description correctly, a player can wear such hearing aid in a game while the paired iPhone can be held by a non-player in some other location who can talk to the player via the iPhone (though one-way communication). If this is true ...
NABC stats for Fisher/Schwartz
If F-S are indeed giving suit preference when screen is used, what makes you think they wouldn't have other scheme when there is no screen? Wouldn't it be even easier?
Whispers, Rumors and a Crescendo
How to implement it exactly is still up for discussion. Right now I have envisioned a few scenarios in my head. For one, a player and his/her screen mate (opponent) sit next to each other at the same table (with an angle of course) so they can alert bids ...
Whispers, Rumors and a Crescendo
Yes most players want to feel the cards, want so socialize when they go out to play bridge. However, during the very top level of competitions those purposes obviously become secondary. I am surprised to see the strong resistance against electronic devices as playing tools (iPad, computer etc. replacing the ...

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