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Bobby Wolff
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Jan. 25, 2011
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about me
While I am quite busy with many pro bono bridge activities, bridgeblogging, several bridge magazine bidding panels, and personal activities regarding trying to deal with the ACBL in trying to suggest to them what their responsibilities should be toward making bridge a better game, along with various relationships between the ACBL (Zone 2) and the WBF along with exchanging ideas with the ITT.

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Ruling in Montreal
Hi Alan, Very understandable, but perhaps almost 80 years ago and around Easter time, my late and great older brother, Walter, while both of us were gazing out our bedroom window finally convinced me that I saw the Easter bunny running across our front yard. Yes, I felt slightly intimidated ...
Ruling in Montreal
Dan, Why? was a very important question back when I was a Recorder. If the only reason, or at least the overriding one,was that if the immense difference (such as a standard strong 2 over 1 response as opposed to almost nothing) was either not alerted or just a ...
Ruling in Montreal
To Frances Hinden, No one is being accused of anything except an opinion that the particular treatment of what a 2 club response to an opening Precision one bid (think an opening 1 of a major) might be. In no way would I or anyone have any idea of why ...
Ruling in Montreal
At least to me, it is the duty of the parent organization to police the game, so that conventions (or whatever their distortion should be called) to have strictures, apparent to all types of experienced or inexperienced players, so that offbeat approaches could often be defended adequately by even under ...
Re: Nic Hammond's "Detecting Cheating at Bridge"
Hi John, Assuming I am the one you can't quite follow, I am asking Bob if, IHO, the ACBL has become unenchanted with the high-level game as oppossed to the inexperienced newbie to which he (they) want to cater. My opinion, FWIIW is that without the high-level game, the ...
Re: Nic Hammond's "Detecting Cheating at Bridge"
No apology necessary. But perhaps so, if my name was Fox spelled Focks.
Re: Nic Hammond's "Detecting Cheating at Bridge"
Hi Bob, While I have no doubt as to the authenticity of your financial report on the added cost of screens, I think it important for you and others who agree, to finish discussing what your combined opinions include as to the responsibilities of the ACBL to continue doing so ...
TEAM BLASS Wins Spingold
Hi K. R. A., You're right except for the mammoth difference in congratulations which rightfully go to the deserving champions (with only nationality in common) above as opposed to the other extreme. However, even that resounding difference likely doesn't warrant doing so, leaving me no valid excuse except ...
Re: Nic Hammond's "Detecting Cheating at Bridge"
In days of yore, frozen shoulders were sometimes a euphamism for refusing to turn around, for fear of who may be behind you. IOW, not wanting to formally recognize who that is.
Re: Nic Hammond's "Detecting Cheating at Bridge"
Furthermore, the inclusion of many of Nicolas Hammond's sound ideas, when practical for better evaluation, should be available to the judge and juries employed, as long as they meet the criteria emphasized above. Little by little we can get it done, assuming we all join in to prove to ...

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