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Boye Brogeland
Boye Brogeland
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Sept. 14, 2010
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Bridge Player
about me

I just love bridge, which I have done ever since my grandparents taught me the game when I was 8. Today I run a bridge magazine, Bridge in Norway, write a daily bridge column in a newspaper, and play for Norway and professionally in the best events around the world. I also have a wife who is a fine bridge player, and this year our son attended his second junior camp at the age of 9. It will be interesting to see how long we can keep our baby daughter away from this addictive and beautiful game.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the European Championship 2008 - even sweeter than winning the Bermuda Bowl 2007.
Bridge Accomplishments
A few
Regular Bridge Partners
Espen Lindqvist, Erik Sælensminde, Simon Gillis, Tonje Aasand Brogeland, Knut Erik Ljung
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Flekkefjord BK
Favorite Tournaments
All major championships
Favorite Conventions
Mandarin Kitchen Splinter
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Playing in Tempo
For me this applies to UI sensitive bids and play. If you are planning a final bid or a decisive play on a hand, feel free to take your time (I do for sure!), but the beauty of it is that it only gives AI to the opponents that you ...
Illegal convention wins big IMPs
Absolutely, but holding my hand it could hardly be a solid major (and Sementa described it as a good 4 of a major opening). But what exactly does a good 4 of a major opening look like? And are you allowed to bend this a little bit third in hand ...
Illegal convention wins big IMPs
Before playing Bocchi and Sementa we asked for each others methods. They told us about their cardings and that 1 club could be a doubleton (also with 5 card diamonds). We told them about carding, Weak Multi, transfer responses to a possible doubleton club and how we open with 4 ...
DIAMOND Wins Spingold
Thanks a lot, Bobby - and even more so for everything you have done and are still doing for our great game.
Illegal convention wins big IMPs
Hi Mike. I didn't want to respond to Stayman (normal Stayman, but 3 clubs will then ask more about partner's shape to find out about 5-card majors for example) as I know my left hand opponent normally has at least 15 points (they don't play penalty doubles ...
DIAMOND Wins Spingold
Hi Sathya. When do (most) people say that? It's when they have a problem so partner is going to be alerted (even if that's not the intention). Unless you always say it and take half a minute (or whatever time you feel is appropriate). It slows the game ...
Illegal convention wins big IMPs
Hi Phil. Thanks for posting this. I agree that such a convention (3NT for one major) should be pre-alerted as it is quite rare and may require a defense. So maybe I should have called the director, but it's not our style; we try our best based on understanding ...
DIAMOND Wins Spingold
Hi Martha. On the queen of diamonds lead against 4 hearts there is a bit of a signalling issue. Is it attitude or count when declarer plays low from dummy (and how can partner read that your card is not from Ax rather than Axxx - and even harder if it ...
Last board of the Spingold
Spot on.
duplicate bridge in STAVANGER norway?
Hi Carol. At the same time (beginning of August) there is the Marit Sveaas tournament in the Opera House in Oslo and the Norwegian Bridge Festival in Drammen. I hope you enjoy your stay in Stavanger and will consider coming back for more!

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