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Brad Coles
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Oct. 12, 2015
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June 22
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Bridge Writer
about me

Editor of Australian Bridge Magazine


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Same as David Thompson's favourite memory
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Most recently, national silver medals in two ANC Teams, one VCC Pairs and a New Zealand Teams
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Margaret Bourke, Fraser Rew, Erin Tewes
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Cavendish, ANC
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Transfers, the solution to every problem
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ULAM's Second Problem Revisited
Leonard, I've added the articles to our Archive page at Apologies for the poor quality of the scan, as I've recently moved house and don't have access to the original 1970 magazines at the moment. Most of is it readable, but ...
Have You Seen This Type of Psychic
So their written notes reflect Method A, but his partnership knowledge gives him reason to think that his partner might be playing Method B at the table, and he also chooses to secretly play Method B himself. It sounds like this pair knows a lot more about their methods than ...
Hoffman v Coles - The Psych from Brd 19 Women's QF8 of 8 - 8/12/19 Australia
As captain of the team who lost as a result of this psyche, I'd like to go on record as saying I applaud the 2H bid, especially in such a high-pressure situation. I made the same bid myself on a similar hand (less pressure) in literally the same auction ...
To Sabine and Roy
My favorite is when current affairs TV shows say something like, "After the break, are cell phones killing your kids?" Followed by a report which in no way justifies the question.
Fisher-Schwartz Granted Second Postponement in ACBL Hearing
Peter, the mail fraud in your memory is probably from The Firm. "There's 250 acts of maiI fraud there... That's more than you had on Capone."
Calming Nerves
This probably isn't practical at an NABC, but the first two times I played representative bridge I was really nervous, and I asked my captain to arrange a quick game before the start of the event. We turned up an hour early, I sat in my assigned seat (with ...
Where were the journalists?
Tomasz, George Bilski gave me a copy of one of the Polish magazines when I took over Australian Bridge Magazine. It was intended, and received, as something for me to aspire to. I was extremely impressed with everything about it, and am very sad to hear it is now struggling ...
Bidding Box Jury: Grumpy Extended McKendrick (GEM)
Ian G, my objection to your auction is that McKendrick didn't give you any useful information. It did show that opener had 17 instead of 15... does that mean you wouldn't have bid the excellent slam if opener hadn't held the Q? Slam is good opposite a ...
Double-dipping on opponents' misunderstanding
In 2013 a friend of mine won the Parnis England Junior Sportsmanship Award, which is "granted for acts of sportsmanship by bridge players that define how we should all act." He received the award in part for allowing an opponent to retract a dropped penalty card, costing the contract and ...
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