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Brad Craig
Brad Craig
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Oct. 24, 2015
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18 hours ago
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Bridge Teacher
about me

Player for 40 years. Work and other interests (golf, tennis, poker, and recently pickleball) have curtailed my play, and I wish I had the chance to play more. I do teach 'intermediate' bridge regularly. It might be apt to describe myself as more 'student of the game'. One immutable fact about bridge I have learned - bridge teaches about life.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the second competitive bridge game I ever played in after finishing dead last in the first one
Bridge Accomplishments
2000 masterpoints, but more important to me is the thanks of my students.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Favorite Tournaments
Tampa/Bradenton regionals (although I live in the US Mid-Atlantic)
Favorite Conventions
to be honest, it depends on the weather. And my golf game.
BBO Username
jodepp, although I'm not there much
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Everyone is aware of the penalties of running an invitational game :) If a club is that desperate to get less experienced pairs to win masterpoints, there's always that option.
If one wants to restrict the games to keep the sharks out, have at it. Otherwise, I think any cure would be worse than the disease.
Rowland Reeves's bidding problem: xx AQTxxx KJ xxx
If the hand were improved in even the slightest way (say: xx AQ10xxx KJx xx) I'd open 1. A second seat 2 IMO is best as the hand stands. I would hardly call 1 an error.
What is the best meaning for the double of a cue bid?
As far as frequency goes, I think using Double as an additional way to discriminate between spade raises would be more useful (3 'noise', 3 'forcing-ish', Double 'goodish 3-card raise', etc.) This is definitely not mainstream though.
Jim Perkins's bidding problem: A54 Q8642 Q QJ73
If confidence is a figment of my imagination, I'll not use any Bergen sequences. IMO 4 is probably OK, but I think I'd go simply for a forcing sequence with 2. Too bad about not being in a comfort zone, but we've all been there ...
Steve Moese's bidding problem: AJ KT983 --- KT8753
Interesting problem. I can't say I'm on firm ground here and would have to rely on meta-agreements: Double would be negative-ish, with a double-then-yank probably a cuebid/concentration in support; 4/ forcing, 4 to play; 4 would two-suited, 4NT would be power/natural. (Don ...
Bill Papa's bidding problem: K874 QJ86 KJ98 5
Slow cheese = quick Pass.
Barry Dehlin's bidding problem: QJ3 A97 AKJT874 ---
Partner has a 3=3=3=4 bus schedule. Pass and hope to get a small plus.
Toni Vidovic's bidding problem: KQT93 A765 KQ54 ---
Partner has shown little interest after we communicated our void. Time to bail.
Jovana Zoranovic's bidding problem: KT 3 AK952 KJ983
When everyone is bidding, it's important to get a second five-bagger in, especially in a suit partner is implying. I might even consider 4.

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