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Brad Craig
Brad Craig
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Oct. 24, 2015
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3 hours ago
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Bridge Teacher
about me

Back after a seven-month boycott of the ACBL. Not playing much right now, but am on BW just about every day.

Other interests include pickleball, golf, and generally enjoying myself. I try not to take things too seriously, especially at a bridge table.



United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the second competitive bridge game I ever played in after finishing dead last in the first one
Bridge Accomplishments
the thanks of my students.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Unit 142, District 5, ACBL
Favorite Tournaments
Always liked Tampa-Bradenton regionals
Favorite Conventions
Ones that I can remember
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ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Apportion the Blame
@Richard If 3 isn't forcing, then this partnership has other issues.
New suit forcing after overcall or not?
I don't know where this 'cue promising a fit' got started.
New suit forcing after overcall or not?
The Q promising a fit 100% of the time is unplayable IMO. It's usually a fit, granted, but sometimes an advancer simply wants to send the message: "Don't Pass".
Donald Lurie's lead problem: AJ4 JT92 T85 873
This may seem totally unsound, but I base this choice between how lucky I feel at the time. I feel lousy with a head-cold so I'm going with the static J. If I was feeling sprightly, I'd joust with the J.
Ray Fink's bidding problem: QT843 85 732 AQ4
Well said. I cringe when former students bid 2NT on such hands.
Phillip Vest's bidding problem: JT743 Q93 2 KT98
2 looks tempting but even though I'm Passed I think it too hungry a call. I may regret my discretion.
isin Kandemir's bidding problem: 875 865 K864 J64
1, hopefully without wincing.
Xavier Truel's bidding problem: 7643 K5 T762 A97
I think this hand is screaming 'defend'.
Jess Cohen's bidding problem: AT J82 A987 K752
Your question is quite valid and is one reason I find myself loathe to respond to such problems; we need to know methods available and we don't have a clue about the problem's context. Maybe BW should add 'emphatically abstain' as a choice :)
New suit forcing after overcall or not?
Well, if partner is in the habit of Passing your cuebids, then maybe the partner should have 'ex' in front of their moniker. I don't feel strongly about the topic. I am pretty much a Lawrence disciple in this area and his terrific book from 1980 suggested a 'non-forcing ...

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