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Brad Craig
Brad Craig
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Oct. 24, 2015
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11 hours ago
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Bridge Teacher
about me

Player for 40 years. Work and other interests (golf, tennis, poker, and recently pickleball) have curtailed my play, and I wish I had the chance to play more. I do teach 'intermediate' bridge regularly. It might be apt to describe myself as more 'student of the game'. One immutable fact about bridge I have learned - bridge teaches about life.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the second competitive bridge game I ever played in after finishing dead last in the first one
Bridge Accomplishments
2000 masterpoints, but more important to me is the thanks of my students.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Favorite Tournaments
Tampa/Bradenton regionals (although I live in the US Mid-Atlantic)
Favorite Conventions
to be honest, it depends on the weather. And my golf game.
BBO Username
jodepp, although I'm not there much
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Drew Casen's lead problem: QJ83 T72 A94 T86
Partner doesn't have a long major and appears to be lacking diamonds too. So I place partner with some club length, and thus I think it rather dangerous to lead one lest declarer take pitches on the A/K/Q. I'm a wee bit nervous about crashing a ...
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: --- J4 AKQT843 K983
Partner found a bid I'm thrilled with. I'd move...wait, why would I move?
Kaustabh Nandi's bidding problem: AQ x KQxxx AKQxx
Unfamiliarity with methods inclines me to bid 3NT and hope it makes. I'm not slam-ambitious with this diamond holding opposite shortness.
Kaustabh Nandi's bidding problem: x Jxxx Kxxx AKQx
That may not be too much of a concern. If partner has (say) five-plus clubs, partner's second call might have been different.
Kaustabh Nandi's bidding problem: Kxx A Qxxxxx JTx
I'm either bidding game (5) or Passing. 4 is wasting time given the parameters, plus I gave up trying to thread needles at IMPs.
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: KQ KQ9 AT9873 J3
I don't think this is a 15-count. The black suits are not worth six (closer to four IMO) and the sixth diamond isn't enough to compensate. That being said, I am happy to 'punt' with 3. 3 I admit has some appeal but I'm a ...
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: K8754 84 KT943 2
And if neither of your suits are running? You made an optimistic bid that worked. You're entitled to reap the rewards of that view as long as you're willing to accept the responsibility for when it doesn't work.
Jim Houghton's bidding problem: AQJx xx KJx xxxx
I'm happy to Pass and defend. Even getting this one might pay a dividend. I'm also fine opening this 1. If this is making, I blew the board when I decided to open anyway.
Hanoi Rondón's bidding problem: x xx AJ7xxx ATxx
Given the problem's context, there is no way partner is going to play me for what I hold regardless of what I do. 5NT is simply going to be a transfer to 6, so I may as well get us there now. If we miss a grand, it ...
ATB - Wrong Spot
At IMPs, the four-level partscores belong to the opponents. North's 4 was asking for a minus score, and South's 5 - "it's only one more" - was asking for a double. Did this deal happen at my club? :)

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