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Brad Johnston
Brad Johnston
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Sept. 7, 2014
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Youth player from New Zealand.

New Zealand

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An interesting slam
Leading 3rd from 6 is leading 3rds & low, not thirds and fifths.
So... what does an in tempo double of 7NT look like?
Glubok's partner had to wait for Joe to finish telling the leader that declarer had a void before he could made his comment. It's not considered polite to talk over others at the bridge table, or double them after they've had a misunderstanding.
Red Light / Green Light?
David, that shows that you can sac in 6 without eliciting partner's opinion. P = I don't want to sac (/don't have an opinion). X = I want to sac. 6 = I am saccing in 6, and don't have an opinion if they bid on ...
Red Light / Green Light?
X is interest in saccing at the next level (so 6) 6H is interest in saccing at all levels (wants to bid 7 over 7).
World Youth Team Championships August 8-18 2018
It would have been cooler if we both had the same bracket the whole way through - but both of us only getting one quarter final result wrong is pretty funny. Obviously far easier when we start at the Ro16 instead of at the Ro64. I only picked Nickell to win ...
Brad Johnston's lead problem: 5432 KT864 AT9 2
The extent of your agreements are listed in the poll. You'd still be trying to set the contract if you hadn't doubled in a fit of pique though.
Interesting Director situation
The declaring side should correct misinformation given after the final pass and before the opening lead is selected. This gives the defence the ability to defend with accurate knowledge (or replace the final pass with a bid). If it's the defending side who've messed up their explanations, the ...
Humorous Bridge Happenings You’ve Experienced
Exceptionally sticky cards, I've since learned - but used to just focus on making the contract instead of making sure there were 13 on the table.
Humorous Bridge Happenings You’ve Experienced
I was playing in 4S with: 974 3 AQJ96 J32 as dummy and: J86532 AQ4 K Q85. I get in and play a low spade, LHO winning the K. Next time I get in and play a low spade from hand and ...
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