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Brad Johnston
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Sept. 7, 2014
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Youth player from New Zealand.

New Zealand

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Writing style question
A goodly percentage of players in the midwest are wrong
Writing style question
That's because Richard doesn't have a consistent style in his own writings - compare the following links: <- "the overcaller" <- "overcaller" There may be some deeper rationale behind why he switches - I just did a google search to ...
Which op?
But kit isn't cashing the S first, playing a H out of hand through North's Hx will sometimes be the Ax crashing the K, sometimes be the Kx dropping under the A. Pavlicek's line is SSS H off dummy. Kit's line is H KS H out ...
Which op?
Kit, do you think that the missing HCP factor is more significant than the vacant spaces from the bidding. Would this be different if North had (somehow) had a 1-level overcall on a similar auction. As I write this, I suppose that you can try to "catch" North with Ax ...
The online youth champs tries to stop cheating by having "screenmates" be on a skype/ other video chat tool during the match
Which op?
I'm curious as to why you think Kx won't hop here - North might get antsy with a vulnerable overcall that you "know" they have the K. How is this not a consideration in your view?
A Grovesnor What?
Isn't this just a simple Idiot Coup? Related to the Grosvenor gambit, but the 'extra chance' has no legitimate means under closer inspection. A Grosvenor gambit is essentially misrepresenting a hand to construe a different, yet plausible, line. (The prototypical example is not overruffing to take the setting trick ...
Marked cards, a follow up and some observations
As far as I can read; the rules seem more focused on ensuring 'reasonable' behaviour at the table; and assuming that bridge clubs know what they're doing. Even if a bridge club is infracting by having marked decks - you can't exactly give it a procedural penalty, no?
Marked cards, a follow up and some observations
Nicolas Hammond commented on this above. If the wording was 'must' then no bridge results achieved with a non-identically backed deck would be valid and would all have to be thrown out. Without having say in on a Laws drafting committee, I read this 'should' to mean "we'll be ...
Opening a 4-Card Major in 3rd/4th seat?
AKQ9, xx, Txxxx, Jx Do you want a lead or a lead? It should be a good 4 card suit; so it should be a relatively infrequent bid (depending on how aggressively you open in first/second some of your 'marked' 1M openers on 4 are opened by ...
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