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Brad Moss
Brad Moss
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Aug. 4, 2010
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about me

My wife, Jennifer, my son, Cian, and my daughter, Lyra, are the center of my universe.  They try to keep me grounded and sane, but really how much can you expect from only three human beings?

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
rosenbloom 2010, Bermuda bowl 2017 any hand that joeboo goes down in and could have made
Bridge Accomplishments
steve won a regional with gavin???
Regular Bridge Partners
joe grue, justin Lall, Fred gitelman
Favorite Conventions
the countdown
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Grand Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
The best short mystery story about bridge?
pull trumps; run tricks; ruffed, oops.
In The Well: Chip Martel
Chipper! no question here. I just want everyone, that hasn't had the pleasure, to know what an incredible teammate you are. it is obvious you are a great a player, but thank you for being so supportive no matter how ugly a board, session or event goes. also,I ...
Official Version of New Convention Charts
im sorry, but this is still unclear to me. you say the intention is that one cannot open 1nt with 11HCP. is it illegal? if not, why is it illegal if the stated range is 12-16?
Official Version of New Convention Charts
Ok thx for the clarification, Danny. Does that mean you cannot psyche 1nt with 0?
Official Version of New Convention Charts
ok, but my question is still why is it permissible to open 1nt with 11 if your range is 14-16, but not if its 12-16?
Official Version of New Convention Charts
Danny, im confused about something. in third seat white, Joe and I play 1nt is 12-16. we never upgrade, because that would be outside a 5 point range. however if we played 14-16, my understanding is we could periodically psyche with say 11. that seems a strange distinction. do I ...
FLEISHER Wins Vanderbilt
Thx rodders, it’s truly a thrill competing against you and Jeff.
FLEISHER Wins Vanderbilt
As always you’re pure class in victory and defeat. It’s good for the world, when You lot let someone else win, once in a while. I’d also like to thank my teammates, and especially my partner, all of whom played incredibly well all week. You guys are ...
David Birds Inappropriate Comment
I have no idea what the intent of the comment was. it sounded very curious to me. if I have completely not understood a benign comment, than I am the one who apologizes.
David Birds Inappropriate Comment
personally I think an apology is in order.

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