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Brad Theurer
Brad Theurer
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Dec. 14, 2010
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9 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Started out in the NYC area, moved to DC burbs in 1990.  Enjoy the challenge of playing different systems with different partners though getting old and forgetting sucks!  I am a bidding problem junkie (MSC, It's Your Call, etc.) though I sometimes realize my action at the table and the action I choose for the contest aren't necessarily the same!

I enjoy tournaments and play in them more than in club games.  Go to occasional nationals and hope to do more of those in the future.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
beating Carolyn Lynch's high-powered squad (Balicki/Zmudzinski, Passell/Wold) in a regional KO final - down 15 at halftime and 41 after the first 6 boards of the 2nd half, we won the last 6 boards 43-0!
Bridge Accomplishments
Too many regional wins to count, nearly winning Flight A GNT in 2012
Regular Bridge Partners
Lyle Poe, Barry Bragin, Mark Chen, Robbie Hopkins
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Washington Bridge League
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ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Play Problem
on a somewhat off-topic issue, it depends on ones preemptive style but I would consider the South hand "too good" for a 3 preempt with 2nd round controls in all 3 side suits... if the majors were switched so that I no longer had the "boss suit", I would ...
Play Problem
question... is LHO leading Q because it is a singleton, or because he has both minor suit aces and chose not to lead (or underlead?) either of them? If he had the A he *might* have chosen that lead to either stop ruffs or "get a look at dummy", though ...
Play Problem
ahh - so now not only do we know the lead was "in tempo", but we know at least who LHO is! ;)
Play Problem
I will try and cash another (pitching ); if that isn't ruffed I will try a 3rd and pitch last . LHO had to lead "something", maybe he tried an "inspired* Q lead from Qxx hoping to hold the lead? Guessing 's may not be good ...
Mark Chen's lead problem: 87 AJ95432 KJ9 7
a few spotcards (6, 8) are duplicated, but otherwise correct layout (at least for "relevant" spotcards and shape).
Slam (Imps) play problem
For those of you who play 1 round of trumps (whether it is an honor from hand or to one of dummy's honors), LHO will show out (pitching a club)! Now what do you do?
Slam (Imps) play problem
Ok understood - though, your line stated that when West turns up with 4 trumps, you would cash the 3rd trump in dummy before playing a diamond to the 10. If you cash a high trump from dummy first, then (assuming all follow and no 10 appears), play a low trump ...
Slam (Imps) play problem
in general I like the idea of playing 1 top trump (to see if 10 falls, then plan to ruff 1 heart in dummy), then to plan for spades to be 3-2 and diamonds no worse than 4-2. But can anyone spot a reason why your first trump play might ...
Slam (Imps) play problem
apparently my fingers were fat... and my eyesight poor. my apologies, again i have fixed and reviewed auction/hands
Slam (Imps) play problem
OK sorry, both hands and auction are now posted.

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