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Brad Theurer
Brad Theurer
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Dec. 14, 2010
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13 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Started out in the NYC area, moved to DC burbs in 1990.  Enjoy the challenge of playing different systems with different partners though getting old and forgetting sucks!  I am a bidding problem junkie (MSC, It's Your Call, etc.) though I sometimes realize my action at the table and the action I choose for the contest aren't necessarily the same!

I enjoy tournaments and play in them more than in club games.  Go to occasional nationals and hope to do more of those in the future.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
beating Carolyn Lynch's high-powered squad (Balicki/Zmudzinski, Passell/Wold) in a regional KO final - down 15 at halftime and 41 after the first 6 boards of the 2nd half, we won the last 6 boards 43-0!
Bridge Accomplishments
Too many regional wins to count, nearly winning Flight A GNT in 2012
Regular Bridge Partners
Lyle Poe, Mark Chen, Robbie Hopkins
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Washington Bridge League
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Emerald Life Master
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Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: 86 AK53 QJ KT875
I am passing, the hearts aren't bad for a 4-bagger overcall (especially if one agrees with Lawrence and not "Curmudgeon" Frank Stewart...) but could easily either be in trouble or miss a superior club fit. I'm hoping it might go (1S)-P-(2S) then I can consider doubling ...
Road to the GNT Final Four Part 1
great stuff Mike! And for those who haven't received/read the latest ACBL Bulletin, Mike and Noble are featured this month in the "Bidding Box" challenge match so you can learn more about their system from there! Brad (who was on that team with Mike/Noble in Philly when ...
ATB/YBTJ - hand from sectional (Matchpoint Pairs)
Yeah, as good as we played, it just took one screwup to lose the event... you can check our results from the WBL sectional Saturday (trophy pairs) to see how little we lost by and who my partner was...
ATB/YBTJ - hand from sectional (Matchpoint Pairs)
Wow, thanks everyone - what I thought might be a "simple" ATB/YBTJ hand turned out to stimulate quite a lot of discussion, and I learned quite a bit from it all. I was the "idiot West", playing with a "somewhat familiar partner" (we'd played about 20-25 times together in ...
ATB/YBTJ - hand from sectional (Matchpoint Pairs)
one risk (admittedly not a big one) in bidding 2 instead of 1NT is that the opponents are not a lock to bid 2 (they may have a fit, but insufficient values) and partner, with say a 4234 shape and 13-14HCP, will pass and you play a poor ...
ATB/YBTJ - hand from sectional (Matchpoint Pairs)
There certainly is some merit to that plan. Definitely best at imps. At matchpoints, closer decision - at least 1NT describes your hand well overall in pattern/HCP, and it doesn't have to end the auction.
ATB/YBTJ - hand from sectional (Matchpoint Pairs)
the opening was indeed a spade. when the 10 is played from dummy, what does East do? He actually ducked and declarer played a diamond and guessed correctly to play the K. Now he just conceded a diamond, got a diamond ruff and even with losing a spade ruff, still ...
BB QF USA1 vs. BULGARIA Session 2
on board 28, Jeff could also have gotten +800 via winning the first club with the K, "unblocking" - then he can afford to exit with a trump w/o cashing 2nd club because partner can win declarer's next club play with the Q and lead another trump. But this ...
BB QF USA1 vs. BULGARIA Session 2
on board 20, the commentator mentioned that Rodwell's sequence apparently implied at least mild slam interest since he had a way of showing both majors with no slam interest via some other sequence. Jeff probably decided to blast giving no info away to opening leader who might have not ...
Bermuda Bowl RR9: USA1 vs USA2
Eugene - correction: in previous round (8), it was USA1 that whitewashed Germany and USA2 beat Netherlands.

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