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Nov. 16, 2018
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about me

I became totally smitten with bridge in 2016. Since then, I've created new web-based scoring software ( and started a bridge club (

United States of America

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Paper or plastic?
So I bit the bullet and got the Bridge Buddy cards. Ran them through the teaching function on the Bridgesorter and had no problems reading the cards. These things are heavy .... my board case is a whole lot heavier than it was with the paper cards! Thanks for all the ...
Paper or plastic?
Thank you all for your comments. Does anyone clean their plastic cards on occasion? I've often noticed at tournaments that they do get dirty, usually spots of dirt like someone sneezed on them or such. The edges do stay nice and clean, though. Perhaps wiping them down with a ...
Paper or plastic?
I have a Bridgesorter as well. At first I was running it on a super-cheap Celeron based computer and had frequently card recognition problems. I upgraded the computer a few months ago and the problems went away!
Bridge club furnishings
I bought some very sturdy plastic ones from Bed Bath and Beyond using their 20% coupon, so < $50 each: . I use table covers, so plastic doesn't bother me. They also sell the wood Stakmore tables, where you can also ...
Live 4 Clubs and USEBIO files
Eventually (well, was supposed to be a year ago, but keeps getting put off) ACBL will allow clubs to use alternative scoring software, rather than ACBLScore. Those programs (like mine, RSVPBridge), will create USEBIO files, not an ACBLScore gamefile. When you do the upload in Live4Clubs, you might notice it ...
List things that the average “beginner/novice” just doesn’t understand
I’ll tell this one on myself. When I was first reading about conventions, there would often be a reference to it working differently “in competition” I just couldn’t figure out why the convention would be played differently if you were at a tournament (aka competition) rather than a ...
Dealing machine issues?
Updating an old thread ... I was running my BridgeSorter on a pokey little laptop I had purchased for about $130. (I'm a Mac person and ACBLScore and dealing machine needed Windows). Just upgraded to a faster laptop ($399!) and all the problems with the dealing machine went away! Would ...
I'm a newcomer to this whole mess :-). Started my game a last year, mostly as a venue for testing my scoring software, but also to have an evening game nearby as all the other ones nearby are daytime. We usually have 6-7 tables, charging $9-$10 depending on the ...
from Jeff: " Does it require that a certain percentage of BOD members be club sanction holders?" I do believe that would be very helpful.
Thanks, Fred Gitelman
Thank you, Fred. You've made the world a better place.
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