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Brenda Egeland
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Nov. 16, 2018
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about me

I became totally smitten with bridge in 2016. Since then, I've created new web-based scoring software ( and started a bridge club (

United States of America

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Thanks, Fred Gitelman
Thank you, Fred. You've made the world a better place.
What killed American Bridge--a Poll from the Year 2040.
My 'other' is rude or grouchy players who are intolerant of newbies. We need to celebrate those who come give our game a try, not make them feel like inept fools.
Dealing machine issues?
Interesting that spades and diamonds are issues for both of the machines, but in different ranks. For mine it is only the QD and QS. Fortunately, the machine stops and says it cannot recognize the card, rather than dealing it incorrectly. I prefer the quality of the ACBL cards, but ...
A provisional Membership
I suspect it would be difficult to maintain the Bridge Bulletin in its current form, which is fairly high quality, if you offered an alternative online-only subscription. Advertisers (of which there are many!) need a certain circulation level to justify the cost of the ads. On a related note, I ...
Wall Street Journal
fyi if you get stuck by the WSJ paywall, you'll find many public library websites offer online searchable access to WSJ articles, including current day articles.
Has this wheel been invented?
I haven't seen one around, but I've toyed with the idea of building such a thing. When you run double dummy in Bridge Composer, it records the info in the PBN, so that would just be case of parsing the file. The thing I was toying with was ...
Web Software for Bridge Clubs
I like that idea for the process: make a reservation, then charge the card on file when you actually show up. Thanks! I'll put that on the whiteboard for RSVP Bridge.
Web Software for Bridge Clubs
Ray asked about the proportion of bridge players that would be adept at signing up online. RSVP Bridge has been in use for 2 1/2 years now, and I'm happy to say that almost all of our seniors readily adapted to signing up online, and some have even ...
Web Software for Bridge Clubs
Online payments have a number of extra considerations, such as processing fees (typically 2-3%) and handling refunds for those who don't show, signed up for the wrong game, etc. RSVP Bridge currently has reservations (hence the name RSVP) and a check-in system, so you can keep track of who ...
Club questions
I ran into the same things when starting to used pre-dealt boards. Patiently I kept explaining that if the hands were anything but truly random, the ACBL wouldn't allow them to be used in games (that's true). I have a BridgeSorter and use the software that came with ...
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