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Brett Kunin
Brett Kunin
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June 16, 2012
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May 14
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about me

semi-retired attorney, living in northern New Jersey; Tournament Chair, NJ Bridge League (Unit 140)

United States of America

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Winning KO and Swiss in same NYC regional
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Shrine Bridge Center, Livingston, NJ
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Gold Life Master
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Player Memos
Don: We were one of the first units in the country to adopt a ZTP policy early in 2002. Our directors are advised to STRICTLY enforce the policy. As a result (except for one problem "child" -- there is always one), it has been extremely effective in mitigating bad behavior. Even ...
Scrambling Sequence after 1NTX -- Is Pass Alertable?
Aviv: Although I agree with your position, there is an easy mantra here: "if you have information, unless a negative inference, from a bid that partner made and of which the opponents would not be aware, an alert is REQUIRED."
Player Memos
Don: I am not sure I understand your initial comment in this thread. It is the JOB of the recorder to note prior conduct. In our Unit, if and when a new Recorder is appointed, it is the duty of the Recorder to transmit his entire record-keeping to the new ...
Player Memos
Ian: The importance of having any player memo remain confidential is obvious -- one can still be "tarred" by a false or inappropriate accusation. If we could get the bridge population to file player memos (which most do not do), the Recorder, at whatever level, could be aware of repeat offenders ...
Results of Survey on Wellbeing and Bridge
TY, Samantha. I agree that the key is the question you posed in the 4th paragraph -- one must always be wary of a syllogism. I trust that if there is additional research leading to further findings, you will follow-up with another post.
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: T96 AT KT54 QT64
Peg: TY. Since 3h is not a g/f, the issue is whether 2 cover cards are enough to make a slam try, and whether you and partner have an agreement that a 4 level bid by responder shows support. If so, as would be in most of my partnerships ...
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: T96 AT KT54 QT64
Peg: I didn't feel I could respond to your poll without further information about your bidding system. Queries: (1) do you play Namyats (i.e., as 8 or 8.5 tricks in a major)? and/or (2) If not, does this auction guaranty 9 tricks in your own hand ...
Curious accusation in Philadelphia
Tom: not a good idea. Your response could result in not only a ZTP issued against the offender, but you as well. It is not necessary to be demeaning to make your point.
Curious accusation in Philadelphia
Allan: No one should have to put up with a comment like that. You should have immediately called the director, and if no penalty was assessed, filed a recorder memo.
Open Philadelphia Discussion Thread
There was always an easier way, Jan. A bunch of us gave our cards to a homeless person. It can never be wrong to feed someone.

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