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Brett Kunin
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June 16, 2012
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about me

semi-retired attorney, living in northern New Jersey; Tournament Chair, NJ Bridge League (Unit 140)

United States of America

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Winning KO and Swiss in same NYC regional
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Shrine Bridge Center, Livingston, NJ
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Gold Life Master
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C/1MX: Cappelletti over 1 of a Major X (doubled)
Nick: I am NOT a fan of Bromad, because: (1)it completely gives up on finding a minor suit fit; (2)it can never find a secondary fit in the other major, and (3) is solely useful when partner has support for the opener's major. In my estimation, too ...
C/1MX: Cappelletti over 1 of a Major X (doubled)
Rajeev: I must disagree. It is far too important to save the xx to advise partner that it is our hand, and to set up a "thou shalt not steal" scenario.
For System Geeks Only
David: Under the ACBL current Alert chart, you are not permitted to bid 2c on a 2-card suit(i.e., 4-3-4-2)-- requirements are 3+clubs,10+ points. How do you reconcile that issue with your "system"?
Motion to Vacate all NABC Placings of Anyone Ever Expelled for 10+ Years for Cheating
Gary: I think that is better, but: as to (2) you should add: "if a disciplinary complaint has already been filed" (otherwise, it is a "conviction without a trial")and to (3)add "that occurred in an NABC event in which the person suspended finished 10th overall or better".
Motion to Vacate all NABC Placings of Anyone Ever Expelled for 10+ Years for Cheating
GARY: Unfortunately, I cannot attend the BoG mtg this week due to a doctor's appointment that I cannot cancel. If you could send me a PM with the actual motion you intend to present, and the result of any vote, it would be most appreciated.
Motion to Vacate all NABC Placings of Anyone Ever Expelled for 10+ Years for Cheating
Gary: Although I generally agree with the concept, I have a problem with penalizing TEAMMATES who may not have been aware of the lack of ethics of one of their team members, and could not support such a Motion without that proviso. In addition, there are some difficulties in penalizing ...
Advancing Partner's 1N Overcall
For those who play that 3h is invitational with both majors, and 3s forcing with both majors (at least 5/5), I would definitely bid 3s. If partner likes his hand for a major suit, he could cue bid a minor suit Ace; otherwise, he bids 3n without 3-card support ...
Jump Shift Question
David: I do apologize - I forgot that the general rules of the ACBL in regard to bidding in contract bridge do not apply to you.
Contacting ACBL Customer Service
Robert & Michael: I really think Steve & Ray summed it up --you both miss the point. When there is a 40% layoff in a staff of 69 full-time personnel in Horn Lake, and those remaining are generally dedicated to resolving issues of on-line bridge, you want instant customer service???
Jump Shift Question
David: You really MISS the point, completely. Did you see Kit Woolsey's comment? If any call is SO FAR outside the norm that an opponent would not generally understand its meaning, it generally requires an alert. What you would prefer as to whether there should be an alert system ...

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