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Brian Bankler
Brian Bankler
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Nov. 23, 2010
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about me
I am a prolific board gamer (and have written reviews and ramblings for over a decade on my site) and only recently returned to serious bridge a few years ago. I study systems and conventions more than is healthy, and have a regular partnership playing Polish Club.
United States of America

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Have played multiple sessions without a revoke.
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Hank Eng, Tibor Roberts
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Turtle Creek and Bridge Club of San Antonio, Bridge Club of San Antonio
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Raptor, Brubotka
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Poker robots
"If you saw the episode “The General” of The Prisoner series, you know the rest." This is a good response to every single internet comment.
Bridge vs Magic
"The bridge tournament was run as a 7 round Swiss followed by a Top 8 (KO stage)." -- I assume you mean Magic for that.
Which Way
Nevermind, misread.
What would you do about illegal note taking?
Clydesdales? Have we no room in the world for Lipizzaners?
Bidding 3 of your major after a constructive raise
One one partnership, it is asking for trump quality. Kokish's idea makes a lot of sense(1) in Standard American where you can have a solid six card suit and ~16 HCP, but in a strong club context you'd open that 1C. (1) Generally true statement in any ...
2NT opening
I played 2N as a minors, 5-11 ish. It came up once in two years. And while you may not "need" a strong 2NT opener (if playing Precision, etc) you will still get some benefit from it. It will nicely differentiate minimum balanced strong openers (17-19) from stronger ones (22 ...
ACBL strikes again!
Speaking as someone who works in document management software for a multi-billion dollar company, sometimes a late email is just a server being overloaded. I doubt the ACBL has more than a simple windows box running its email.
1S-2S-3H: Help Suit Game Try or Natural Four Card Suit?
1S-2S-3H: Help Suit Game Try or Natural Four Card Suit?
How do you untangle help suits from short suit tries? (I agree with Game tries seperate from slam tries, but if you play limited 1M openers slam tries have to be amazingly shapely, so jumps work).
Considering the Spain/USA Controversy in local club games
I just went and grabbed a CC I used for scoring from the last club game, grabbed at my club. There is a light 3rd seat opening box, but major openings are 1/2nd (same row) and 3rd/4th. There is lots of variation among CCs.

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