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Brian Bankler
Brian Bankler
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Nov. 23, 2010
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about me
I am a prolific board gamer (and have written reviews and ramblings for over a decade on my site) and only recently returned to serious bridge a few years ago. I study systems and conventions more than is healthy, and have a regular partnership playing Polish Club.
United States of America

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Have played multiple sessions without a revoke.
Regular Bridge Partners
Hank Eng, Tibor Roberts
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Turtle Creek and Bridge Club of San Antonio, Bridge Club of San Antonio
Favorite Conventions
Raptor, Brubotka
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How Unusual is this Hand
For those of you interested in calculating this, google will solve this for you (as long as you can state the problem correctly). The number of bridge hands is 52 choose 13. For "one of each" you have 4 choose 1 (pick one of four aces, which is simply "four ...
Countering intervention after the Polish Club sequences 1!C-1M-2!D
Yes, if your opponent waits until this point (where the opener reveals 18+ and responder has 7+ with 4+M), then you should encourage them. Just play your general system for being in a force. 2 creates a GF, so forcing pass, etc. Honestly I've played Polish for ...
ACBL CEO: Post-Mortem
"A chessplayer who is 1400 or 1600 or 1800 is not about to quit chess because Carlsen is about 2850, or because he/she knows there are thousands of players with a superior rating." True, but ... How do you think the average chess player would react to having her rating ...
Software for tournament organizer to prove honesty
I thin you are on the right track, but perhaps "Square Deal" is better.
Checkback choices and continuations
1 is usually unbalanced (if 18+) but particularly with 5 spades balanced I'd be loath to bid 2N (if I had exactly 2H) or Odwrotka (if 3) for fear of burying the spades.
Checkback choices and continuations
@Ronald "Max of 3, usually not 3" sounds like "2" to me, but perhaps more precisely described. "Usually not 3" means "usually two," basically says "I don't care about your five card suit".
Checkback choices and continuations
I agree with Richard's comment, but to add a bit. As I play Polish (in ACBL-land), 2N is 18-20 (or 23+) and shows exactly 2 card M support. As Richard noted, with 3+, I'd use Brubotka (the Odwrotka variant we play and use 2D as an artificial checkback ...
What ACBL Arbitration Agreement?
Here's a question I had as a thought experiment. If I wrote a check for my membership dues and put down "Cashing this check shall signify that the ACBL agrees to waive its binding arbitration requirement" (or similar words) would that be legally binding on the ACBL? I'm ...
I think that is true. There is another interesting problem for computer Bridge -- evaluation of the result (after the fact). In Go or Chess (or whatever) at the end of a game you have a winner and a loser. Bridge is much more ambiguous. Consider an opening preempt that goes ...
Splitting honors: which honor to play?
I seem to recall one expert (perhaps one of Kit's Korners?) saying that he split to show 0/2 higher.

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