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Brian Bankler
Brian Bankler
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Nov. 23, 2010
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Oct. 19
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about me
I am a prolific board gamer (and have written reviews and ramblings for over a decade on my site) and only recently returned to serious bridge a few years ago. I study systems and conventions more than is healthy, and have a regular partnership playing Polish Club.
United States of America

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Have played multiple sessions without a revoke.
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Hank Eng, Tibor Roberts
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Turtle Creek and Bridge Club of San Antonio, Bridge Club of San Antonio
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Raptor, Brubotka
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GIB revoked against me today
Skynet works in mysterious ways....
Polish Club: answering to 2 Club opening
Blasting 3N may very well work, even if you should go down. But, If you want science, then bid 2 Asking. What does partner respond? 2 -- I'd likely bid 3 (forcing) and see if partner can bid 3N. If not, I'd likely bid 4 ...
Brilliant bid by Polish youngster
Well, since the NT hand went past 4S, it's a good hand, and should have a heart stop (4S ostensibly denied one), good trumps, DK. Axx/Axx/Kxx/Qxxx (shape varies). Maybe AKx/Axx/Kxx/xxx and just making an 'impossible' bid to show 3 keys.
Rafael Sacramento's bidding problem: A2 A A932 JT9865
IMO this is a 2 opening (a good 10 to bad 15ish, depending on tastes). 1 then rebid 2 is possible (which shows 4-5 or better either way in the minors) but I prefer the mildly pre-emptive nature of 2. Of course that leaves the issue ...
Polish Club: some doubts
We started with The WJ05 book by K. Jassem, stripped out the non-ACBL compliant stuff, and tweaked from there.
Polish Club: some doubts
I think the SJS option isn't terribly necessary. They can be handled by XYZ (1-1M;1N then 3M is slammish with a good suit and 2 is just a general GF and you can cue bid after agreement to show slam interest). SJS happen fairly infrequently and ...
Polish Club: some doubts
There's no one single way to play Polish (at least, not here in the U.S.). For my partnership of 5+ years with Polish.. 1. We play 2N opening is 21-22. That means 1-1;2N is 18-20 (or rarely, 23+). We changed after several years of problems ...
Find that Ace
Not everything that works is correct. Recognizing when you got away with one is a big part of improving. I try to explain that to any mentees I have ... As for a fit jump of 3S. Since 4C would be a splinter I assume that 3S would as well. Presumably ...
How Unusual is this Hand
For those of you interested in calculating this, google will solve this for you (as long as you can state the problem correctly). The number of bridge hands is 52 choose 13. For "one of each" you have 4 choose 1 (pick one of four aces, which is simply "four ...
Countering intervention after the Polish Club sequences 1!C-1M-2!D
Yes, if your opponent waits until this point (where the opener reveals 18+ and responder has 7+ with 4+M), then you should encourage them. Just play your general system for being in a force. 2 creates a GF, so forcing pass, etc. Honestly I've played Polish for ...

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