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March 22, 2013
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Roland Wald R.I.P.
Final Knockout Match - Experimental Round Robin Qualifier
At the club once I saw a board with doubled grands made in both directions.
Summer NABC Moved
I used to visit Rapid City regularly when my grandparents lived there. Maybe it's just my nostalgia, but it seemed that even the tourist traps had a certain charm.
Governor Dewine announcement
Also since those large convention-center rooms can be partitioned into smaller spaces, I'd guess the wording is also so you don't have to count the entire big room when it's sectioned.
Governor Dewine announcement
FWIW the NCAA tournament was canceled just now, too.
March 11 Statement from ACBL (hidden in news feed)
I read somewhere (can't remember where, maybe here?) that cancellation insurance rarely covers epidemics, because there are so many variables that the actuaries can't pin anything down with any certainty, so the premiums become prohibitive. Remember SXSW getting canceled last week? Their insurance didn't cover it. I ...
Open Letter to the ACBL on Covid-19
FYI, the state of Massachusetts has 92 Covid-19 cases so far, and 70 of them came from a single conference with 175 attendees. Plus cases in six other states and at least one other country. (ETA: I see Bernard has already posted the relevant article; my aim is to get ...
Open Letter to the ACBL on Covid-19
My guess is that the league is waiting for some sort of official recommendation like that, so it can get a better deal on the hotel cancellation.
Has Panic & Fear Overwhelmed Us? Far worse than COVID-19
"And I am a bit weary of the 'but they can infect others' argument" is all you need to know about this faction.
Has Panic & Fear Overwhelmed Us? Far worse than COVID-19
South Korea has taken much more drastic measures than the U.S. has, too, including much more widespread testing. We're unlikely to get the same result without doing the work.
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