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When your tires are flat
Law 25 begins with "If a player discovers that he has not made the call he intended to make ..." Being forced to call 1, he arguably does not, or at least not necessarily, intend to make a different call. So it's not clear that Law 25 would apply ...
When your tires are flat
This seems like a distinction without a difference. Whether you refer to West's call as "accepting" or not, I don't see how the situation changes. South can substitute the intended call for the inadvertent one, and the previously accepted-or-not call goes away. It was a virtual particle, created ...
When your tires are flat
The only consideration in Law 25 as to whether the inadvertent call can not be changed is whether partner has subsequently called. West is ignored, so it doesn't matter what he does for Law 25 purposes. Law 27 does not say West's call accepting the insufficient bid nullifies ...
When your tires are flat
Law 25 has no exceptions regarding when West has called in the meantime, and Law 27 does not say it applies to a call changed under Law 25, so the substitution is made. If West opts not to withdraw the 1NT bid, then 1NT now insufficient, and Law 27 applies ...
Response not showing
I'm stealing that last one, Ken. Thanks!
History Lession Invited?
Incidentally the Okuneff convention appears by that name in chapter 27 of Human Bridge Errors by Chthonic, in which the computer's human companions are nonplussed when told to make the robot learn it, but finally track down its origins.
History Lession Invited?
If bidding a suit where you lack values is "normal bridge" then we need to rewrite the disclosure rules. We don't complain that Stayman doesn't need a name, so the puzzlement about designating the western Q as such seems odd.
Bridge justice on the edge
Before the round began, partner looked at the opponents' card, so he knows what 2 is. Is his knowing what the opponents' methods are AI or UI? Is the part that partner could have 13-16 balanced AI or UI?
Philly flight cancelled
I mentioned this on the other thread, but it looks like some trains are running; check the Amtrak website.
Weather in Philadelpia - Heard there is bad weather - Help
Some trains going to/from Philadelphia have been canceled, but not all, if I'm reading Amtrak's website correctly.
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