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Brian Callaghan
Brian Callaghan
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June 14, 2014
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April 28
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about me
Resident in London, England. Lives with wife Christine Duckworth and cats. Bridge player for more than 45 years, having taken the game up with school friends. Had salaried employment for decades in IT (as an IBM mainframe dinosaur) until 2001. Subsequently made a minor living as a bridge professional. Now mostly retired.
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Young Chelsea
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Meaning of 1M (2M) 4m?
Actually, Oliver peered at me a trifle uncertainly before asking, "Are you Brian Callaghan?" He was too polite to mention any deterioration there might have been from the way I looked in my prime.
Meaning of 1M (2M) 4m?
Andrew Robson was not the sole author of "Partnership Bidding at Bridge"—the book was co‑authored by Oliver Segal. Oliver has recently reappeared on the London duplicate bridge scene. [center](Oliver even recognized me after a gap of some decades.)[/center]
Meaning of 1M (2M) 4m?
[sup]*[/sup]I think what Andy proposes is a pass/correct double, in which case the opponents don't have to worry about a well‑prepared opening side.
An Insufficent—Bidding Problem
In the event, my partner did double 2, North passed, and I had to choose my action on the East holding. I think the discussion on the difference between an agreement and bridge logic was interesting. As far as I knew, we had no agreement. This is how I ...
An Insufficent—Bidding Problem
Meanwhile, at the other table our teammates avoided the pitfall of responding 1, and tried 2 without any of the digression that occurred at our table. West doubled and East bid a mere 3. When South went on to 3, East let that play. That looks ...
An Insufficent—Bidding Problem
Thanks, everyone, for your illuminating comments. This was the complete deal ........... (North) AKQ82 2 J76 J984 (West) 7 AJT4 KT43 QT63 ... (East) T54 K96 AQ85 A75 ........... (South) J963 Q8753 92 K2 I was East. My partner was West
An Insufficent—Bidding Problem
The play - North won the opening spade lead with a rather revealing queen (the ace would have left me in more doubt about the location of the rounded suit honours). North led back a straightforward singleton heart and South did not cover my 9. I now had the entries to ...
An Insufficent—Bidding Problem
If my partner had been up to speed on law 9, she might have refused to take any action over 1-corrected-to-2, telling North, "The tournament director should be called." North might then reply, "Why don't you call him then?" To which she could say, "Your side caused ...
An Insufficent—Bidding Problem
Ah, yes - Law 9. Hadn't thought of that. It says the director should be summoned, but not by whom (so still no obligation on our side in particular to call the director). And it says that, after attention is drawn to an irregularity, no player shall take any action ...
An Insufficent—Bidding Problem
My phrase starting "on the assumption" in the article was shorthand for "if we had called the director, I did not think he would have ruled that South's 1 was unintended". The bid was placed on the table with (a kind of comic) solemnity. We, East and West ...

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