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Brian Callaghan
Brian Callaghan
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June 14, 2014
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about me
Resident in London, England. Lives with wife Christine Duckworth and cats. Bridge player for more than 45 years, having taken the game up with school friends. Had salaried employment for decades in IT (as an IBM mainframe dinosaur) until 2001. Subsequently made a minor living as a bridge professional. Now mostly retired.
United Kingdom

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Young Chelsea
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Brock and Brown Win Women's Pairs
Well done!
Crouch and Cope Win Silodor Pairs
Well done!
Mathematic question
When I first started in my local duplicate there was a partnership of two elderly men which neatly sidestepped the problem. “I double one heart” was penalties; “double” was takeout.
Systems on?
System on looks like an OK agreement. It’s not a cure‑all that you can apply to every auction, though. I remember bidding 1NT (without agreement as to its meaning) in an auction that started with the same two bids. Partner gave it mature consideration before passing.
Brian Callaghan's bidding problem: KJ6 K52 A83 QJ93
The opponents’ convention card gives one‑level responses to 1 as: 1= 4+ hearts; 1=4+ spades; 1=no major 6–9 HCP, some other 10+ HCP, or 5 diamonds GF; 1NT=10–12 HCP. NS have at least a seven‑card heart fit. Opener would ...
Brian Callaghan's bidding problem: KJ6 K52 A83 QJ93
That would have been a useful method for this particular hand, but the partnership agreement when the deal came up was that double would just show a diamond suit.
When they X our 2!S transfer to !C
In casual partnerships where I play 4 way transfers I don't have any specific agreements. In partnerships with more detailed agreements I don't play 4 way transfers, but do play that bidding shows a stopper, in an effort not to wrong-side a contract in the suit. I voted ...
Cerebral Gym
“Resident polymath”—you’ve let the cat out of the bag there, James. All these years I’ve been thinking that David Burn was just a regular guy like the rest of us.
For Those Interested in AI and Bridge
There is a footnote in the paper that might be significant. It says “One technical detail is that c is generated by assuming that the player who can win more tricks in the contract is the declarer”. So, if I understand it correctly, the evaluation does not consider right‑siding ...
Clash by Night
The 12-hour events are usually scheduled to run from about 11am to 11pm. I agree it's practically impossible to fit same-day international travel around this. It's easier to fit travel around the 24-hour event. (A slightly later start and finish would be better from this perspective.)

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