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Brian Davies
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Sept. 17, 2015
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Runout Systems Poll
Halmic with one partner. SWINE with another.
Defense after opponents open weak NT followed by Stayman
Without agreement, double shows clubs. But I prefer double to say "I was about to make a penalty double of 1NT".
Four-suit transfer followed by 3M
We play Stayman, then 3m shows 5-4. Transfer, then 3M shows 6-4.
Lecture--"Balancing"--Tips Requested
I seem to remember reading somewhere: "Don't punish partner for protecting". As long as you trust partner to remember this, you can protect aggressively.
Timuçin (Timo) Erkoç's bidding problem: T953 97 963 AK83
If it's important, it was a 32 board teams of 8 match. IMPs converted to VPs.
Delayed 2S by opener show extra or possibly weak 6??4 ?
For me, 2H is long hearts in a weak hand with no tolerance for your suits. 2S shows A likely void, or possibly a singleton heart and is an attempt to find a better place to play - at least six spades, probably seven spades.
Questionnable ruling
Steven: with non-touching, probably pass forces a redouble and then bid the lower suit.
Capitalize Convention and Treatment Names?
Coming from this side of the Atlantic, I feel strongly that convention names should be capitalised but never capitalized!☺
Andy Stark's bidding problem: J82 KQJT9 QT753 ---
Easy for us. I open 2 - Lucas Two, showing a two-suiter (5-5 at this vulnerability).
Balancing Strong Players at a Local Club Game
Players select a card with a table number / direction when they arrive. Simple.
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