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Sept. 17, 2015
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Does a correction to 4H on this hand bar partner under current rules (ACBL)?
This post illustrates the dangers of referring to a convention by name, rather than describing what is the agreed meaning of the bid. The Opening Post describes a 3H bid as a Western Cue bid. David comes from the UK and does not understand the meaning of a “Western Cue ...
It's Your invitation
Am I missing the part where you told us whether it is IMPs or MPs? EDIT: sorry, yes I did miss it in the bullet point questions. Oops.
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: 5 K6 AK5 AKT8654
Not my methods, but the hand suits the methods and 2 seems obvious.
A list of "Just bridge" situations
Thank you Roland, this is a timely post on an issue that I have also been interested in. One of your "Just Bridge" situation is improvising a jump shift in order to create a force. An interesting example of this was discussed in: ...
Brian Davies's bidding problem: 98764 QJ932 --- 975
And if the auction was hypothetically 1, 1; 3? What would you bid then?
Please, One More Time for this Theme
Roll back to 3 AND apply a heavy procedural penalty for knowingly acting on Unauthorised Information. Then apply a further procedural penalty for "The 4S bidder was calmly asked why he bid 4S. The 4S bidder went ballistic."
Stig Holmquist's bidding problem: 32 A4 AKT85432 A
3 is purportedly a natural bid (not alerted). A natural bid promises at least a three-card suit (at least where I play, based on EBU regulations). In my opinion, if the 3 bid was actually based on a two-card suit it could be argued to be a deviation ...
Irwin Miller's bidding problem: 9 763 AKJ6 AQJ63
Is 3♠x going down? If partner passes?
Richard Margolis's bidding problem: K74 KQ98 K75 983
You started with 11 HCP and deducted 1 for the lack of aces, 1 for the sterile 4333 shape and 1 for the lack of intermediaries? Or just miscounted? :)
Richard Granville's lead problem: 75 KT95 K9 Q8732
For many of us these days it would promise a six-card suit, since it suggests an unbalanced hand and the opener is not two-suited (since the rebid has by-passed diamonds and hearts). But this means that we have to be prepared to open 1NT with a five-card spade suit, 12-14 ...
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