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your comment is needed
"Is leading the 8 spot from J8xx or 108xx suggested widely" No, I would expect that most would suggest finding another suit to lead. If the auction and a glance at your hand suggest that you really must lead the suit, then it would be more usual to lead a ...
Pretend it is 1993 and you’re at a bridge club.
At club level in England, you still found plenty of strong Acol-two bids, many more penalty doubles (of weak-twos, other pre-empts, low-level bids), Fishbein, Hackett, Gerber etc. 2-over-1 promised 8+ HCPs and there were many more non-forcing sequences (1S, 2C, 2D For example). The more exotic types played systems like ...
Placing the cards
By a passed hand Ian?
Rate Your Choices
I note that I am sitting in the west seat. I believe that all of the actions listed would be Bids Out Of Turn.
Thinking Twice About Two-Way
I believe that "Checkback" is usually used to refer to a 2 shape inquiry. "Crowhurst" is the term for a 2 inquiry into both shape and strength. Crowhurst would not open 1NT on a balanced hand with a small doubleton and therefore his No Trump range was 12-16 ...
How far to go for full disclosure
Also 40A1(a): Partnership understandings as to the methods adopted by a partnership may be reached explicitly in discussion or implicitly through mutual experience or awareness of the players.
What does non leaping michaels show?
This is non-leaping Michael's?
Opinion Poll on Adequacy of Simplest Multi 2D Defenses
You also need agreements about actions in 4th seat and 6th seat. E.g. if (2D), 2NT is natural, what is (2D), P, (2H), P, (P), 2NT? Is it still natural? Or unusual? Or ...? What is the meaning of (2D), P, (2H), Dbl? Or (2D), P, (2H), 2S? As someone ...
This Layout Never Happens In The Real World.
3NT is 100% forcing after the positive response in my world.
Opening 1 NT point range on convention card
IG: "If you can't simply and accurately describe your methods then change them." This is a long discussion with many unhelpful comments. But this has to be the most daft. I am sympathetic to the goal of properly disclosing your methods, but this should not necessitate changing methods. Most ...
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