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Sept. 17, 2015
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Gordon Rainsford's bidding problem: QJ54 85 KT74 J63
Pass. The bidding has told you that East did not have a 2D bid. No doubt there was UI, but you know that East has forgotten the system anyway based on AI.
When your tires are flat
"Did he miss by a level in that he intended to pull out 2♥ but missed and picked 1♥? " David does add: "... intending to bid 2♥." - which is why most are judging that Law 25 applies, I think.
When your tires are flat
David Burn, maybe it is the way that you have framed the original post: "You inadvertently bid 1♥, intending to bid 2♥." This seems to imply that the facts would support the judgement that the 1♥ call was unintended. Based on this, responders are stating that Law 25 should apply ...
Incorrect Review
In England, the usual practice is that the bids remain on the table until the opening lead is faced.
Can this sequence exist?
MW: He thought he had 3-6-1-6? Even with 16 cards the sequence does not exist.
Team League Structure in ACBL
I play in the Essex leagues if you want any information or contacts. Alan gives a good summary.
New Bridge Magazine!
Thanks. Me too.
Showing the Jack of Spades
The WC handbook describes south's call as a psyche? Surely it was north who psyched and south fielded the psyche?
Runout Systems Poll
Halmic with one partner. SWINE with another.
Defense after opponents open weak NT followed by Stayman
Without agreement, double shows clubs. But I prefer double to say "I was about to make a penalty double of 1NT".
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