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Brian Dellinger
Brian Dellinger
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Aug. 5, 2013
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Dec. 19, 2015
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Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
The first night of rubber bridge with my parents and grandparents where I finally got to play a few hands.
Bridge Accomplishments
Once played a few hands online with a BW poster (randomly was seated at their table) and I think I managed to not frustrate them to the point of booting me.
Favorite Conventions
Asking for an Undo
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Copy of Bridge Winners Standard
2 over 1
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Bridge on TV . . . or actually streaming
Just as an interesting aside... I came across an article on covering chess... In the article, there's this relevant quote: "There will always be a core of diehard chess fans, but, Magnus [Carlsen, the young Norwegian world champ] or no Magnus, the wider interest isn’t there ...
Bridge on TV . . . or actually streaming
The options for live-streaming or homebrew production/distribution are so amazing these days... It's really unbelievable what technology has brought to us. There are a number of Chess and Go players who stream lessons and games on Twitch and other platforms, while still others do some basic recording/editing ...
Hard, Boring Work & Sneaky Tricks
Thanks for the post, Hendrik. I've been trying to identify a regular partner online (again, I live in Far West Bumble, well away from any club that I could attend regularly). So far, those efforts have fallen through because of scheduling. Perhaps I'll just swallow my pride and ...
What books/software should my friend buy?
Yes, the yellow cover.
What books/software should my friend buy?
_Two Over One Game Force (Revised -Expanded)_ (Devyn Press, 1989) Hooray for!
What books/software should my friend buy?
Hardly an expert opinion here, but... I really like Watson's _Play of the Hand_ for cardplay principles in general. I haven't read Mollo/Gardner, so I'm sure that's good. Kantar's _Modern Bridge Defense_ is good for the defensive side of the table. I'm still ...
Hard, Boring Work & Sneaky Tricks
Thanks for the comment, Phil... I've been following posts of yours on another forum (and learning a lot) for some time. Nice to get to follow you on here, too. I was mainly interested in just fostering a conversation among other aspiring intermediate re: what we are each working ...
Chess champion Emanuel Lasker
As an aside, Nolan Dalla's biography of Stuey Ungar (One of a Kind) is an excellent read.
Proposal: New Soloway KO with Qualifying Swiss at Fall NABCs: Increase Attendance!
Weakest play on BridgeWinners, here... So, my opinion is mainly one of the fan. I can appreciate the relatively high volatility of BAM scoring and why it might not serve as the best means to help select teams to compete for international/world titles or even for seeding at future ...
Can BW Enable Readers to See Top Comments Quicker?
Obviously we don't want all that mess, Greg... But the upvoting could be a really helpful way for readers to separate the wheat from the chaff in long threads. Regardless, thanks for all you guys do to give us this cool platform.

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