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Brian Gunnell
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Sept. 25, 2015
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Dec. 13, 2016
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The Last Five Days
@Roy & Sabine: Fantastically well done! Both at the table and (even more so) away from the table. @Andrzej: Unjustified and shockingly rude. @WBF: As the problem was caused by your failure to follow your own rules, surely you can override another rule to ensure that justice is done. Sometimes two ...
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: AJ32 AKQ95 4 K73
Splintering with so many extras defeats the purpose of asking partner's opinion. Having totally messed up the auction with 4D, I suppose that 4NT is the best extrication method.
Women’s Pairs Also Decided by “BridgeMate Top”
I do suspect you might be right, Nick! And it seems to me that with the advent of BridgeMate's we need fewer directors on the floor during play, and at least some directors available between sessions. Of course, a more lengthy correction period would also help.
To Sabine and Roy
Sorry, Bill, perhaps I was being a bit dense on that one.
To Sabine and Roy
To Jeff the Dreamer: Great post! But I do think you maybe could have done better on your Point 3 which fantasized "Grzegorz prepared an article for BW applauding the actions of R and S." Surely the celebrations would have gone further than that! Front page stories in newspapers around ...
To Sabine and Roy
Yes, Richard, you have the facts right, and it was a sensible resolution of the problem, imho
To Sabine and Roy
Well spoken, Yehudit
Brian Gunnell's bidding problem: Q9763 K98742 --- 42
There is a vigorous vote for Pass which seems surprising. Surely this hand has to bid something. 2H must be better than passing, imho. How about showing a major 2-suiter? There is no agreement, it seems, as to whether Dbl or 2C does this. And even if you and your ...

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