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Brian Keable
Brian Keable
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Aug. 28, 2016
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July 3
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Bridge Player
about me

English Acol player

12-14 NT

4 Card Majors

Multi 2D

Miuderberq 2H/2S (1st/2nd/3rd hand non vul only)

Otherwise Acol 2H/2S

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Assign the blame, history question
I don't actually remember this "incident" when playing with Joe Amsbury, but I'm sure it happened. Its nearly 50 years since I last played with Joe(1971-72), but things that this often happened in my early days in the 1960S playing at the Acol Bridge Club, when as ...
What might West' bid of XX or 3H mean ?
Thank you.
What might West' bid of XX or 3H mean ?
Interesting answers. At the table Kieran's redouble would have worked well. West had A9x of hearts and East had QX How would you have bid if 2H had not been doubled by South?
Quick "Multi" story
How about a nice simple auction based on Burn theory? (2D) X Three way (a) Balanced 13-15 weak no trump (b) 20+ Bal or (c) some good hand (2D) X (P) 3NT (worth a shot opposite decent weak NT) (P) 6H worth a punt opposite an (near) opening bid? A ...
Quick "Multi" story
In the UK some of us follow David Burn's defence of a Multi where Double is 3 way (a) Bal 13-15 (good weak NT) (b) Balanced 19/20+) (c) Some Good Hand (East has such a hand)
1X 1Y Sequences
Lets suppose the bidding starts 1C 1S 2NT X now refers to Clubs, Y Refers to Spades 3H is s slam try for X (Clubs) 3S is a slam try for Y (Spades) Suppose it starts 1D 1H X Now refers to Diamonds Y Refers to Hearts 2NT 3H Slam ...
2 Way Checkback Query
Mostly open 4 card major with appropriate balanced 15-17 hand but may open 1C on a 3 card suit and then rebid 1NT if the major suit texture is poor.
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