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Brian Platnick
Brian Platnick
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Jan. 16, 2011
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8 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

In addition to playing bridge, I am currently a member of the ACBL seeding committee.  I have also coached 2 junior pairs in the program run by Michael and Debbie Rosenberg.  When not playing bridge, I spend my time trading stock options, chilling with my family, and traveling. 

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the 2017 Spingold
Bridge Accomplishments
Won 1991 World Juniors, 2010 Spingold, 2017 Spingold, 2010 Rosenblum, several other 1st/2nd place finishes in NABC events. WBF World Grand Master,
Regular Bridge Partners
John Diamond.
Favorite Tournaments
USBF team trials
Favorite Conventions
ACBL Ranking
Grand Life Master
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Dennis Bilde is 2020 Lazard Sportsman of the Year
Congratulations Dennis, well deserved. Once minor issue with the article: "Gracious in victory as in defeat ..." Does Dennis ever lose?
NABC results of Blue Team members
Some info on ACBL site:
Sam, I would never play your system. It seems from your comments here that the key component of “symmetric double relays” is the word symmetric in that both partner’s get 100% of the blame for a bad board. In my system, I try to allocate almost all of the ...
Are you kidding me?
Barry, Danny Sprung has a funny story about Special Alerts. 1NT (P) 2D ... "Special Alert" If I remember the story correctly, Danny & Jo played 2D = transfer to Hearts or some hands with minor suit slam interest. The opponents, who didn't ask, came into the auction and had a disaster ...
DEMIREV wins North American Swiss
Actually I like the photo, especially the cup someone placed at the bottom hoping to catch some stray Victory Points.
DEMIREV wins North American Swiss
According to the ACBL website, this is Rose’s 10th NABC victory. 6 of these were in Open events including a Spingold. She also has 8 2nd place finishes (3 of these in the Spingold). And has won 5 world championships: 3 open, 2 seniors. When I looked at the ...
Bad Claim Case from San Francisco
Richard, My point is that the merit for this appeal should not be judged by the number of comments on this thread just like the 1100+ comments on the following thread seem a bit excessive: As to your other point of ...
Anyone for going back to the old Fall schedule or moving the Reisinger to the first weekend of the tournament?
Jeff, Not sure how you are still getting 11 days for my suggestion, must be “new math” blues - Fri/Sat/Sun Reisinger - next Fri/Sat/Sun Soloway is 7 days: Swiss on Mon/Tue. Round of 32 (or 64 & 32) on Wednesday, 16 on Thursday concurrent with Reisinger are quarters ...
Anyone for going back to the old Fall schedule or moving the Reisinger to the first weekend of the tournament?
Jeff, You don’t count correctly.
Bad Claim Case from San Francisco
Cameron, The discussion seems to be about whether the correct ruling is down 1, 2, or more. So if the other team appealed, that would have merit. But the declaring side arguing for 12 tricks is ludicrous. In general, judging the relevance of an issue based on the number of ...

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