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Brian Platnick
Brian Platnick
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Jan. 16, 2011
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13 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

In addition to playing bridge, I am currently a member of the ACBL seeding committee.  I have also coached 2 junior pairs in the program run by Michael and Debbie Rosenberg.  When not playing bridge, I spend my time trading stock options, chilling with my family, and traveling. 

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the 2017 Spingold
Bridge Accomplishments
Won 1991 World Juniors, 2010 Spingold, 2017 Spingold, 2010 Rosenblum, several other 1st/2nd place finishes in NABC events. WBF World Grand Master,
Regular Bridge Partners
John Diamond.
Favorite Tournaments
USBF team trials
Favorite Conventions
ACBL Ranking
Grand Life Master
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Correct ruling on a claim?
“do they really have to say I'm running the clubs and if they don't break I'm cashing my 9 winners” Yes. I claim to speed things up, Poor claims like this slow things down. The other current thread about claims is completely different (7NT, club lead gives ...
Play 6NT
Nice play William!
In The Well: Chip Martel
Hi Chip, What are you top-10 favorite movies?
David Caprera's bidding problem: Ax QT9x Qxx AJxx
"I don't even understand why this is a problem" If I had to guess, which I don't, I would guess that Mr. Caprera is hoping that this poll will confirm his judgment. note: I used my judgment by resisting the urge to place an adjective before the word ...
Double shot ?
Michael, What if N passed and 3D was the final contract. After the hand, North calls the director and argues that had he known 3D was an artificial raise, he would have bid 4S. How should the director rule? What if N passed and the auction continued 3H P 4H ...
ACBL convention chart - Psyches
Gene, Your comments about the committee are offensive. I certainly don’t agree with every decision they made, but overall they did a fantastic job. My personal view is that the charts should be a bit less restrictive with respect to multi and a few other conventions. I like the ...
ACBL convention chart - Psyches
Gene, Define “natural” Why limit your question to natural bidding. What about artificial bidding? What about carding agreements? I assume your post was meant as sarcasm thus my response unnecessary. But on the Internet, it’s difficult to tell when people are joking.
ACBL convention chart - the 5 point notrump rule
David, Theoretically, you have a point. As a practical matter, this doesn’t seem like an issue given how infrequently people seem to downgrade. Of course, an unethical pair who plays 15-17 but likes to open the occasional 12 could write 14-16 on their card planning to open all 17 ...
ACBL convention chart - Psyches
Ed, Marty wrote, “An absence of bright line rules punishes honest players while allowing dishonest players to get away with secret agreements that violate the rules” Your reply, “If people were required to self-report, that might alleviate the problem.” Requiring dishonest people to self-report their violations would make the world ...
Am I rationalizing?
Or the theoretical unsoundness of of NOT playing a strong club system

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