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Brian Ross
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Jan. 10, 2014
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Oct. 19
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United States of America

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Birthday Wish
Happy Birthday, Steve!
McCabe above 2 level?
Pard makes his lead director at whatever level he wishes to play. I am not a fan of delicate probing auctions after we preempt. My pards know what I preempt with.
McCabe above 2 level?
I play it on over any opening preempt at any level and have done so for many years.
The Pros have no idea
Most club players in my neck of the woods bid slam if the combined total of points has a 3 in the front.
What is Going On with Regional Bracket 1 Knockouts?
I played in one of the cited Greenville events. Our top bracket had 6 teams. As a Soloway KO, we played a 2 session round robin to eliminate 2 teams. We all later saw a posted result sheet showing only the 4 teams who qualified, but it was a 6 ...
The return of the Atlanta Regional will be special
Looking forward to it!
Congratulations to Jan Assini
Open Memphis Discussion Thread
Kudos to whomever hired/chose the food wagons just across from the main entrance. Quite the diverse offerings, reasonably priced, and above all handy.
Slow Play, a day behind the “ Flash”
The late Sid Kilsheimer habitually issued the 2nd and final late play warning to a certain D11 player when the entry was sold. Followup complaints went directly to PP's.
Open Honolulu Discussion Thread
Was this publicized in advance? From the Daily Bulletins: No cash concessions There will be no cash concessions at this NABC. Food and beverage costs would have been quite high for the players. Many outlets, including the ABC stores, Wiki Wiki Market and Starbucks, offer a variety of beverages, sandwiches ...

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