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Brian Trent
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Oct. 11, 2015
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about me

CFO with 30 years of nonprofit experience. ACBL member since 1972 and I'm only 60 !!

United States of America

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Seeing two LOL's place second in their section and 1st overall at a Sectional
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Winning two Women's Pairs Sectionals
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Linda Trent
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Random weak 2's
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How I would revise our NABC Tournaments
Brian is sort of making the case of making our NABC+ events have the “air” of a WBF Event. Have attended a few and you don’t get in the playing area without a badge. And WBF is a cost structure much higher than our NABC’s. I personally believe ...
Motion: Bank Deduct Monthly Membership Dues
Well Steve I just returned from a Vienna conference where my organization was recognized for winning the national retention contest with their product. The entire insurance industry is moving to automatic payments. The facts are indisputable. Automatic deductions are cheaper and improve retention of the customer for significantly higher profits ...
Motion: Bank Deduct Monthly Membership Dues
In our Association we have used credit card and bank deduction payments for over 10 years. The bank deduction failure rate for us is slightly over 1%. Credit card deduction fail more often, generally around 3 to 5 %. Bank deductions are very cheap. Our bank charges around 17 cents. Credit ...
My thoughts about how the ACBL should be structured.
There are two thoughts on commissions. One is the large up front fee. Generally used to incentivize the “sale”. Typically a one and done approach, especially useful in a Long Term Care product where once the sale is done there is verry little need to follow through with any continuing ...
ReACH - More Details
Bob Bertoni ... Please see my comments on how I would restructure the ACBL. Certainly District Regionals are allowed to fail if they cannot innovate (also including Units and Clubs). It is clear the ACBL needs to concentrate its resources on developing new members. If a Regional fails because of a ...
Temporary Memberships. Motion to change 173-45
I believe the concept of a “Temporary Membership” has some significant limitations. Many membership organizations are now going to a monthly deduction format, usually by a direct deduction from a bank account. With this procedure the barrier to entry, the annual membership fee, is greatly reduced. This procedure functions as ...
My thoughts about how the ACBL should be structured.
Len: Retention is extremely important. My Association had the best retention nationwide for one of our insurance companies last year. Our Long Term Care product with UNUM (a different carrier) averages over 97% retention, even after a 1% death rate. The formula can be tweaked. The purpose is simply to ...
Board of Governors Input on Tournament Staff Pricing
Exactly. Most importantly, it brings a market based payment system to the decision of tournament director choice. Some Regionals may opt for cost, others for service. The attendance / players will ultimately drive the decision process.
Did REACH Discriminate Against ACBL Members?
I hope it's just a matter that these folks didn't carefully read my posts - they can't seem to wrap their heads around how non-profits must operate.
The REACH Rollout
Ok - got it moved to just us - but you will get the gist of what some of the BW folks were saying

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