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Brian Wyman
Brian Wyman
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Oct. 8, 2010
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March 25
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Bridge Player

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Winning Flight C GNT in DC '09
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Ben Weiss, Kevin Fay
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Are you for an unusual defensive play?
No, it's my lowest high diamond.
Are you for an unusual defensive play?
I'll return the D8 and shift to a spade
Conditional probabilities and Bayes' Theorem
...and note that in my "500k" statement, i assumed W was equally likely to play the 2 as the 3. If you're playing against someone who *always* plays low, you'll see the 2 from 32 all 1M times and it's a pure guess as to whether to ...
Conditional probabilities and Bayes' Theorem
Yes, and the intuitive approach, for those not following symbols, is: the two cases that matter are west holding K2 and west holding 32. In the former, west must play the 2, whereas in the latter, west may have played the 3. Therefore K2 is the more likely holding. Elaborating ...
What hasn't been said yet
Maclej, I couldn't pick Roy out of a lineup, but I know he's the guy playing with Sabine...
Yo Eleven
I live in Vegas, so...
Official Spanish Team Statement
At the risk of sounding silly, on the AAJ hand. If I assume (which is bullheaded on the auction) that partner has a normal, if light, opener -- maybe 9/10? -- can't LHO have like xxxx/x/x/KQJxxxx? I'm still not doubling.
Late Start in USA - Spain Match
Guys, tilt is a state of mind. Like, I tilt when I get cut off in traffic or when I get bumped into and spill coffee on my shirt. That's life tilt which is similar but different than tilt when you're playing cards. You can get put on ...
Frankly with Qx I still don't know that east should duck the first spade. It is MP, after all, and declarer might have 12 or 13 tricks if I duck.
2-level advance of partner's 2-level overcall
After an overcall, we play advances NF at the 2-level, otherwise forcing. You have to jump if you want to force, and this is the only place we don't play fit jumps in competitive auctions. Assume this is nonstandard but it's how I learned.

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