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Brian Zaugg
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Jan. 26, 2011
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1NT with a Worthless Singleton
I genuinely wouldn't know how. Craziness.
1NT with a Worthless Singleton
John, how about we address that when we have evidence that opener's partner is allowing for it? Or is that crazy talk?
Feedback: ACBL Convention Charts
Could someone explain to me why it's harder to play against a 1 opening showing spades than it is a 1 opening showing spades? A long time ago someone got emotional about Moscito, and emoted us all into a corner where reason does us no good.
Feedback: ACBL Convention Charts
Bud, FWIW, I'm in the Seattle area (D19), and our better clubs are all mid-Chart, or even less restrictive. Our open games at Sectionals both here and near Vancouver tend to be mid-chart. It's only when we get to our regionals that the nasty GCC rears it's ...
Feedback: ACBL Convention Charts
I sent in my comments a few minutes ago; hopefully the subcommittee will feel a moment of shame before filing them in file 13. I wish disclosure, not protection. I don't understand at all why it's more difficult to play against 1 showing spades than it is ...
Regulation of Strong 2C opening bid
At a national, though sadly in a regionally rated a/x swiss, my opp opened 2 on AQTxxx KJ9xxx stiff void, no real spots. The director called to the table told me this was perfect acceptable to open 2 on, but when asked by me said it would ...
Draft ACBL Convention charts and using bidding judgement
How also is it different from some ethical players using their judgement to upgrade an awesome shapely 9ct into a 1 level suit opener? Did bad things happen to the bridge world when they used their judgement thusly? KQT98x void stiff KJT98x? What are we saying when we say we ...
Draft ACBL Convention charts and using bidding judgement
I've played it a handful of times, mainly thanks to Jeff Ford who has introduced it to us locally. I've had a ton of fun each time. But fun sure won't attract younger players, I'm sure.
Draft ACBL Convention charts and using bidding judgement
Right, Craig, playing (with full disclosure) a 9-12 pt 1nt opener is similar to smoking at the table, and must be stamped out. I'm not sure the two things are similar. In much of the rest of the world, regs are different, but as usual in the USA we ...
Draft ACBL Convention charts and using bidding judgement
Sorry, but I don't see why that's true at all. Do we have endless discussions about whether or not someone can open 1? Why don't we try allowing judgement into a game that is based on judgement first, and see if all the hand wringing comes ...

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