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Jan. 26, 2011
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"I always ask"
Thank goodness the ACBL is there to protect me from things the rest of the world faces in beginner games, said no one I respect. Steve, you say it proudly, but it's shameful to me. YMMV.
Can you have UI generated solely through your own actions?
Richard, I assume "a poll of respected experts" is rather meant to read "a poll of the player's peers". Also, the only hand to be polled would be opener's hand. Responder had no UI until the interrogation point, and the question at hand was he constrained or not ...
The problem is bigger than the Stop Card
Thanks Chris. I hadn't heard of one before.I believe it's extraordinarily rare to be even called on, let alone adjusted on, but I certainly hope I'm wrong. Cheers.
The problem is bigger than the Stop Card
My mileage is different. The borderline balancing hand has an easy pass after partner's fast pass (in the hands of most, not all), while that's a hand that would often get into serious trouble after partner's tempo-appropriate pass which implies not having dregs only. Fast pass confirms ...
The problem is bigger than the Stop Card
I've never heard of anyone ever getting protection after a fast pass, though it's a bigger problem (imo) than slow passes. Have you ever given someone protection from the UI a fast pass makes available?
Declarer with an accent 3
I've heard stories of incredibly bad declarer plays, and witnessed some. Yes, it can happen. But it won't happen at my table if my declarer corrects what I think I heard to something plausible, nor if my declarer merely became tongue tied or misspoke during a claim, especially ...
Preempts -- Seat Position
Forgive me, but I don't understand pass in 4th seat. If I read the poll correctly, that's the leading vote getter after preempt in all seats (edited). Who (and why) would pass this hand in 4th seat? I'm more or less guaranteed a plus at 2M, probably ...
Declarer with an accent 3
Hi Oleg, My wife has an accent (Romanian and French) and speaks quite softly. While that sounds like a plus in marriage (arguable), it's a surefire way to have opps who are barely listening to begin with mishear much of what she says at the table. Our NT range ...
The Worst Convention Ever
I actually love 1M - 2nt as natural and GF. It has the benefit of making 1M - 2m as natural, too. And 2nd round transfers help keep my minor invites, two suited invites, minor + 3cM invites, and M suit raises all separate. But there are many ways to be sensible, much ...
The Worst Convention Ever
Peg, At a local sectional I asked a strange couple about their carding, they said standard, I doubted that, so I followed up with "do you mean you discard a high card to encourage and a low spot to discourage?", they both refused to answer (under the belief that since ...

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