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Do Support and Maximal Doubles Mix?
Instructions I can never follow correctly. Do something intelligent, partner. They omit the "for a change" for brevity.
And the 1!C - 2!D Jump Shift
Amnon, I dont' play this, but what is the advantage to using 2 as the middling club raise and 2 as the bigger club raise? Wouldn't it make sense to reverse those? Cheers -
Do you open all 12-counts?
Generally neither partner knows they have precisely 11 opposite 11, as an example. One invites, the other accepts, and fun is had by all. But there is something to be said for staying with the field when you have no particular reason to buck it, especially when the fields' level ...
Do you open all 12-counts?
I'm in for all 10's in any partnership I'm happy playing in. The problem of what partner expects (or the opponents expect) has no priviledged framework. Partner is capable of expecting you to open all 10's if that's your agreement, and the opponents are capable ...
I Need Help With 1NT Openings
It's not the point of Kit's question, but it's absurd and in my opinion indefensible that the ACBL feels qualified to legislate judgement, and to impune the motivations or ethics of those whose judgement differes from theirs.
1!H - 2!S to Show Spades and a Minor
I can only speak to your final question. I play that as our "big" heart raise with most partners, freeing up 2nt to be natural and GF instead, which then frees up 2m by responder to be much more pure and not to be a balanced NT GF. I like ...
Does This Landy Variant Have a Name?
Truthfully there's a few very nice but "set in their ways" local players who have their hackles raised everytime they hear about modified-improved whatever. One local player likes 3-way Drury, for example (I prefer to open my limit raises), and at least a tiny portion of the enjoyment has ...
Does This Landy Variant Have a Name?
FWIW, 2 as one unknown M seems really strange to me when bidding over baby or medium (weak) NT. I would really not enjoy making wonder-bids on those auctions.
Does This Landy Variant Have a Name?
Adam, we play this but call it modified woolsey; the idea being to keep 2M as that M, specifically to protect against responder's Leb-like relays clouding the issue of what our M is. 2 becomes an unknown M/m, with advances being mostly pass or correct. 2 ...
Hendrik Sharples's bidding problem: Q QJ KJT63 AQJ63
I would not consider pass here. I would hope that partner's BIT just indicated uncertainty as to what to bid next (nothing really suggested by that), but I'd listen to other arguments. But I wouldn't pass here even if I thought we weren't in a force ...

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