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Does This Landy Variant Have a Name?
Truthfully there's a few very nice but "set in their ways" local players who have their hackles raised everytime they hear about modified-improved whatever. One local player likes 3-way Drury, for example (I prefer to open my limit raises), and at least a tiny portion of the enjoyment has ...
Does This Landy Variant Have a Name?
FWIW, 2 as one unknown M seems really strange to me when bidding over baby or medium (weak) NT. I would really not enjoy making wonder-bids on those auctions.
Does This Landy Variant Have a Name?
Adam, we play this but call it modified woolsey; the idea being to keep 2M as that M, specifically to protect against responder's Leb-like relays clouding the issue of what our M is. 2 becomes an unknown M/m, with advances being mostly pass or correct. 2 ...
Hendrik Sharples's bidding problem: Q QJ KJT63 AQJ63
I would not consider pass here. I would hope that partner's BIT just indicated uncertainty as to what to bid next (nothing really suggested by that), but I'd listen to other arguments. But I wouldn't pass here even if I thought we weren't in a force ...
ACBL Competition and Conventions Committee
I would also allow transfer openings -- it's absurd to me to expect folks to be prepared for a 1 opening that shows hearts and expect them to be completely unable to defend against a 1 opening that shows hearts (or 1 showing spades, for example). It ...
ACBL Competition and Conventions Committee
Mike, I'm sure you're trying to make a reasonable point, but it's escaping me as you are currently making it. If you don't care if methods that weren't standard in 1950 are allowed/liberalized, you could say so and not demean those that think it ...
ACBL surcharge at tournaments good or bad?
If the goal is occasional participation and eventual joining as members, coupons usable after one joins will be ineffective. To add customers, very little matters as much as removing barriers to entry. This is a known field, not a mystery we need to guess at, and everyones' opinions are not ...
ACBL surcharge at tournaments good or bad?
Jeff, people receive things emotionally. Folks who sell successfully know this. Paraphrasing experimental results, folks will opt not to even get something for free if it feels like they're getting less than others, rather than they get something but peers get too much more. I don't think this ...
ACBL surcharge at tournaments good or bad?
Coincidentally enough, we had our annual regional last week (Lynnwood/Seattle). On Thursday I played for the first day in it, and went to dinner with a group of about 10 in between sessions. One of the players was complaining that she had to buy a one month membership to ...
ACBL surcharge at tournaments good or bad?
@David Levin, No line needs to be drawn; if folks don't see value in a membership, either they'll be a rounding error, or the ACBL needs to rethink the value they're providing. You can't create value by decree (in this instance). The downside to the ACBL ...

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