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Bruce Rogoff
Bruce Rogoff
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Nov. 3, 2011
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about me

Love bridge, but don't get to play enough...hope to change that in the near future.  Also play serious tennis, and some golf as well: waiting for the IOC to institute the Country Club Triathlon.

Otherwise, I am a senior partner at Gargoyle Asset Management.  Married to the beautiful Victoria, with 2 kids still living at home (see photo for one of them).  The others are grown up (or think they are!).

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David Caprera's bidding problem: AJx T8xxx 9x Qxx
By big hand I meant in big club context, something like xx xx AKQxxxx Ax. As for the other problem, fortunately these big chain hotels typically provide 2 beds in the room standard!
David Caprera's bidding problem: AJx T8xxx 9x Qxx
Must disagree Dave, I think double leaves more options open. You can still get to notrump when partner bids it or shows a big trick-taking hand via cue bid, while 1NT is the egg-basket action. And you wont be happy with this thin 1NT when LHO raises.
David Caprera's bidding problem: AJx T8xxx 9x Qxx
Very close between double and 1NT. I lean towards double as partner might bid 1NT himself. If I bid 1NT hearts are pretty much lost forever. Glad nobody's bid 2...definitely not 10-fifth!
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: K864 AT74 KT98 A
Dave, I won't be calling you for a prediction on the Final Four games this weekend... :)
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: K864 AT74 KT98 A
This hand has such good potential for major suit play that I feel this slight overbid is warranted. I'll even super-accept a transfer to spades. In the absence of other specific agreements I can hope to wriggle out of trouble if North doubles (unlikely by a passed hand opposite ...
Avon Wilsmore's lead problem: J3 52 AKJT72 KQ3
K. Partner doesn't have a trump stack, and he did make a preemptive raise. It's possible for him to be 3-5-5-0 and need to get a club ruff, plus have an entry back to my hand. Seems very unlikely that I'll find him with top hearts and ...
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: Q954 --- AQJ9654 KJ
I don't think there's much future in 's (no double from partner), so seems best to rebid the nice suit and take away space. They might bid game with partner holding a stack.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: AK AQT62 AT3 Q87
Pass before the doubling starts. We're not making 4, and only a few specific maximums will make 3NT, so odds strongly favor pass.
Merijn Groenenboom's bidding problem: KJ2 KJ K32 KJ432
Are these really the spot cards?? Partner is presumed to be awake, so he's heard the auction. He doesn't have a 5-card Major or he'd have bid it. My only other option is 3, but I don't care to bid that on KJ432, so I ...
Merijn Groenenboom's bidding problem: 2 AKQ7532 2 AKQ2
Ha, they really F*%&*K'ed you! I don't think 5 would make sense as anything but natural, as you could start 4 with huge + minor hands. MAYBE my scientific partner will convince himself that 5 is exclusion for aces, but I doubt it. Anyway ...

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