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Bruce Rogoff
Bruce Rogoff
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Nov. 3, 2011
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about me

Love bridge, but don't get to play enough...hope to change that in the near future.  Also play serious tennis, and some golf as well: waiting for the IOC to institute the Country Club Triathlon.

Otherwise, I am a senior partner at Gargoyle Asset Management.  Married to the beautiful Victoria, with 2 kids still living at home (see photo for one of them).  The others are grown up (or think they are!).

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Bruce Rogoff's bidding problem: KTx --- QJT8x AKQTx
What "mess" has been created exactly? Having won the gamble that 2 won't be passed out, we are in a great position to show our hand with a fair degree of accuracy, something that a raise on the previous round (probably 3?) wouldn't have accomplished. Really ...
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: 6 KQJ75 QJT92 AT
It's true, how can you disagree with that face?
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: 6 KQJ75 QJT92 AT
Richard had accidentally left out the pass over 3, so that cheeky monkey Philip snuck in a double.
Michael Kopera's lead problem: Q5 KJ7642 A43 94
before I even light up the hash pipe
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: 6 KQJ75 QJT92 AT
3N, what else? Solid club stopper, no spade fit, minimum range hand. Can't wait to see the rationale offered for other bids.
Bob Heitzman's bidding problem: Q6 KJ74 5 AJ7642
Given the auction to this point, it's hard to come up with any hand that "should" bid 4. Do you have a better suggestion? I really dont know what 4 is "supposed" to look like.
Bob Heitzman's bidding problem: Q6 KJ74 5 AJ7642
Double should show decent s, so I'll risk telling partner that I have a real suit, even though my hand sucks. I suspect each side can make 10 tricks: AJ109xx xxx AKQx -- is this a likely hand for West? Give partner Kxxx AQx xx KQxx, and we better be ...
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: AT84 A986 KQ95 4
I couldn't find the 2.5 button. The good spot cards swayed me to go high. Swap the red suits and 3 would be auto.
Jon Green's bidding problem: KT7 AKJ97 AT5 96
6NT must be an overwhelming favorite, so not committing to slam is crazy. I bid 5NT in the hope of correcting 6 to 6N, a clear try for seven
An imprecise auction
Once Annie passed 4x, were you ever gonna be comfortable stopping short of slam? For that reason I'd just jump to 6, and let the chips fall where they may. As it happens she'd certainly raise.

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