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Bruce Rogoff
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Nov. 3, 2011
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Aug. 24
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about me

Love bridge, but don't get to play enough...hope to change that in the near future.  Also play serious tennis, and some golf as well: waiting for the IOC to institute the Country Club Triathlon.

Otherwise, I am a senior partner at Gargoyle Asset Management.  Married to the beautiful Victoria, with 2 kids still living at home (see photo for one of them).  The others are grown up (or think they are!).

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Was anyone at fault here?
Thanks David, meant to type 5, not 5, which I've now corrected. But now that I mention it, what would 5 have meant in 1975?
Was anyone at fault here?
East should move, but the question is, how? RKCB wasn't available 40 years ago, 5 sounds like a request for control, and 5m is a suit. I guess 4NT is most practical. What say you Michael?
Johan Karlsson's bidding problem: KJ8 A9 KQJ83 KT8
That's aiming at a VERY small target, don't you think? Requires partner to have just about all the remaining strength (West is vul, so that means something), AND he has length, AND he decides to look for 's in a scenario where he know's they ...
Johan Karlsson's bidding problem: KJ8 A9 KQJ83 KT8
There's definitely no Stayman consideration here with West holding both majors. I would expect partner to have a weak hand with 's, and prefers playing 3 to 2NT. An easy pass IMO.
Finn Kolesnik's bidding problem: xx A9xx AQJT9 xx
Nicholas, I wouldn't put too much stock in the "strong majority" argument once a problem has been around for a day or two. I'd guess that many people change their vote to the majority choice, (especially if world class players like JD or Jim Munday voted that way ...
Finn Kolesnik's bidding problem: xx A9xx AQJT9 xx
I'd guess that almost all of the 3 bidders would do the same with xx Qxx AQ10xx xxx, because opener can still have a 17/18-count. Give him the more likely AKxxx x Kxxx Qxx and 3 is plenty, yet you'll want to play 5 ...
Craig Zastera's bidding problem: KT7 6 AT63 KQT95
This hand looks suit-oriented to me, so would open 1. Should be able to find good 4-3 fit this way if that's best. And maybe 2 is a better spot than 1NT, if it comes to that.
Craig Zastera's bidding problem: T8x AKxxx xx KQJ
Lynn, would you like an "UNDO"?
Will Engel's bidding problem: AQ74 Q5 AJ74 AT8
description above said 6 shows lowest king. That can be interpreted multiple ways, guess i assumed they replied high-middle-low or somesuch. If I know partner has K 7 now has multiple ways to win: J, or 10, or 's 3-3, or 's 4-2 with trumps 2-2 ...
Will Engel's bidding problem: AQ74 Q5 AJ74 AT8
Partner's shown the king, so no worries about minor loser. S/he will bid seven with AKxxx, won't with Axxxx. Might think about it with AJ10xx, which is ok with me.

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