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Bruce Schwaidelson
Bruce Schwaidelson
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April 12, 2011
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June 9
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Bridge Accomplishments
Winning the BW Spingold pool (& a BW cap & hoodie), July 2016.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
North Penn Bridge Club (N Wales, PA)
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Gold Life Master
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Ace Remembered
Bobby was my favorite player when I first started playing tournaments -- and was truly saddened when he died. I did have a chance to kibbitz his table at several nationals & I recall a hand in which the opponents had a slow auction that went 1NT-2C-2M-3M-4M. Bobby held a yarborough w ...
What’s Your Plan?
I would open 1 (as I did Tues. night with this Commongame hand)... so when the auction goes 1-1NT; 2-2, do you go quietly into the night or do you venture 3 next?
Bruce Schwaidelson's bidding problem: --- A87 T76542 KQ62
The person who asked me to post this on bridgewinners was beating himself up for passing the hand out. His partner's hand was something like 9xxxx Qxx Axxx A making 12 tricks in a D contract a virtual laydown on the 2-1 D break.
Bruce Schwaidelson's bidding problem: 7 KJ42 AT97 AK72
How about 1354 wanting to hear another call from West before committing to NT?
Bruce Schwaidelson's bidding problem: 7 KJ42 AT97 AK72
That's exactly what East chose to do at the table, but West was not convinced that East had promised 4 hearts.
Bruce Schwaidelson's bidding problem: 7 KJ42 AT97 AK72
David, what is your follow up if partner next bids 3?
Bruce Schwaidelson's bidding problem: AQ AKJ5 KQT95 43
It is definitely "forcing" but undiscussed as to its meaning in this auction.
HAL, Watson, Deep Blue and ?
Bruce Schwaidelson's bidding problem: KQ97 A 5 AK98543
If your plan is to bid 3 -- what would your continuation be after 3 by partner?
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: JT3 QT4 KQ AJ974
I'm sure you're right, but 94% of the players in your club don't go on bridgewinners either.

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