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Bruce Schwaidelson
Bruce Schwaidelson
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April 12, 2011
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United States of America

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Winning the BW Spingold pool (& a BW hoodie), July 2016.
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Gold Life Master
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Double Dummy problem 6N
Notice that you can make 12 tricks without ever cashing the A. On the final club, E must pitch the J & W the 9 -- but look what happens if S pitches his last spade instead of a H... D to the A & back to the 10 forces a pitch ...
Serious 3NT question
Gary, you may not be driving blind, but you are seeing things... your hand has 14 cards -- presumably an extra club.
Benoit Lessard's bidding problem: J8xxx 8x A9 KTxx
This hand is right on my matchpoint overcall "borderline". I generally like bidding on the 1-level rather than passing so I'm calling 1 on this one... I may regret it later when pard leads the K from Kx.
Paul Hightower's bidding problem: --- xxx KQ9xxx KTxx
I can't imagine calling only 3 with this 6-loser hand.
Fantoni and Nunes, the never ending story
Gary, it's called "plagiarism before the fact"... I recommend you immediately file an appeal with TAR against the FIBG & the CONI.
Becoming a Bridge Player
Enjoyed the article, Max. You have a great attitude about your bridge progression. One minor point: unless Itabashi's partner's real (or perhaps descriptive) name is "Dummy", he should actually be identified as "Declarer"!
"I'm Getting Too Old For This... Stuff"
Nickolay, it looks like cashing the 3rd club at trick 7, followed by K & A will force W to hold 107 & either A10 or A & a winner -- then a play will endplay him for 2 winners... making 3!
"I'm Getting Too Old For This... Stuff"
You're right, Nikolay... after W wins the 2nd (E showing out) & returns a , W is presumed to be 4=4=0=5, 4=4=1=4 or 4=4=2=3. If S now cashes his final before playing A and then low to the J ...
4-4 in the minors
I would like to ask the 1-1NT & the 1-1NT voters if/how your answer would change holding this hand: 62 K65 KQ63 KQ63
Assign the blame - game after opponent's 'Benji'
Although I detest South's 4 call... if North thought it was a red preempt (as he should) -- suggesting that he should consider saving -- I would take the bait & bid 5 -- and be happily surprised when I saw my dummy. Thus, I give most of the blame to ...

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