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Steve Beatty originally invented this bid in the late 70s or early 80s as exactly 5332 with 9-12 HCP. For the last 10 years or so, I have played a modified version which also allows 5422, but usually the 4 is a minor. These bids are very playable and have ...
Precision - NT ranges w/o Kokish 1!H and w/o 2NT strong/balanced?
We play as you currently play except 2N opener includes bad 24. When opponents compete, it helps to know that opener is limited to 21 hcp if balanced.
ACBL Scheduling: Adjusting Spring NABC Schedule to avoid excluding certain genders/ages
A related issue is the GNTeams in the summer. If you are knocked out in the quarterfinals, you are out for 2 days. Last year, they allowed dropins to the LM Pairs, but discontinued that this year.
Ruling After Failure to Alert
One thing that is lost with a 2nd poll based upon no MI is the AI that I had from being at the table. I firmly believed that North interpreted the 2S bid as natural. Of course, I do not know this for certain, but the failure to alert was ...
Ruling After Failure to Alert
I agree that there was no UI problem. My concern is that I would have doubled 4S if I had known that 2S did not show spades and that N had missed it. Others have suggested that I am not allowed to know both of these things.
Ruling After Failure to Alert
North agreed that mixed raise was their understanding
Ruling After Failure to Alert
Do the rules provide guidance to the Director regarding which questions should be asked when conducting a poll?
Ruling After Failure to Alert
S had Jxx, Qxx, xx, KQxxx. S confirmed that mixed raise was their agreement and that he had forgotten.
How would you rule?
If the rules require RHO to give a correct explanation immediately before Amir's final bid, then Amir was damaged by this failure. He would have known that there had been a mixup. I doubt RHO's prior incorrect explanation absolved his responsibilty to give a correct explanation.
How would you rule?
I think part of what Steve is saying is that you are entitled to have originally heard the incorrect explanation and to get a correct explanation before your final bid. If you were given the correct explanation before your final bid, you would know about the mixup and likely conclude ...

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