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Bryan Monkhouse
Bryan Monkhouse
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May 21, 2012
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March 10, 2019
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LC Standard -- Strong 2!C Opening
Fair enough, I personally prefer 2nt then Puppet stayman as a way to show the big balanced hands, most people I play with refuse to play puppet on the grounds that it is too much memory work; Rather than debate with partners about an area that doesn't come up ...
LC Standard -- Strong 2!C Opening
Henry; it is certainly true that NT is unlikely if opener has a one-or two suited hand; In my experience, a big balanced hand with a 5 card major also occurs, and NT is feasible if this is opener's pattern. Any system can result in wrong-siding, just that wrong-siding ...
LC Standard -- Strong 2!C Opening
Like many "intermediate" players , I play mostly matchpoints , so I like the emphasis on frequency rather than having a way to bid 100% of hands that might come up in a year's play. The question is not so much which methods are easiest to remember, as which methods is ...
LC Standard -- Notrump Openings (Part 2)
Larry, Much thanks.
LC Standard -- Notrump Openings (Part 2)
Larry, Sticking with the theme of reduced memory strain; I have two regular partners, one who loves precision, and another who hates it and loves 2/1. To keep my oopses down to a minimum, I play a 14-16 NT with both. Is there anything in your NT engine you ...
Preempting Style - Older and Wiser
Mark me down as "medium" , too. The discipline I like to have is to limit my defense -- obviously, an ideal weak-2 suit is solid from the queen down - good offense, no defense. I like to be confident that the preemptor has about one defensive trick. Opening a weak two on ...
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