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Nov. 12, 2015
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Alertable or not?
Thank you Steve, Jay, Dave and everyone else who has tried to improve my understanding of the ACBL regulations. I have now found both the chart and the pamphlet and I think I now understand your arguments. The time has come for me to pipe down even though I am ...
Alertable or not?
The ACBL Alert Chart notes are interesting ________________________________________________________________ Natural Call 4. "Doubles and Redoubles are natural if, by agreement, partner is requested to pass" Treatment A natural call that, by partnership agreement, carries a specific message about the suit bid or the general strength of the hand. Such bids are ...
Alertable or not?
Which brings us back to the hand being discussed. Is North indicating a willingness to play 1HXX? If he is, why should the redouble be alertable? It is after all the basic meaning of the bid. If he is not, who is he expecting to pull the contract? Hearts are ...
Alertable or not?
In EBUland the standard system card asks for the range of the XX, in ACBLland it does not. I wonder if that is why some of us have no problem with 6+ while other do have a problem.
Alertable or not?
Surely a psych is deviation form stated methods, not from someone else believes to be a norm. The stated methods are 6+ not 10+. So the bid is not a psych. I have just looked up the Laws of bridge and found Law 40 B 1 (a) "In its discretion ...
Alertable or not?
Partner has opening values, say 12 points, while I have 8 Q,K,K. I make that 20 points and half the pack. If partner has opened light, he knows the position. Now suppose I pass, LHO bids 2 Spades, which comes back top me. What do I do? "Classically ...
Alertable or not?
Surely, we have half the pack or better. Why should this be alerted?
A matter of statistics
WNT - Wonderful No Trump SNT - Silly No Trump Opinions vary widely on the ranges of both bids
Leading with the left?
I always lead my singletons with my left hand. And my doubletons. And my tripletons. Annoys the hell out of the right handers when I forget to move the bidding box back to the right hand side of the table when I move but no one ever moves the box ...
Director, please!
"I've always found it very strange that mechanical bidding errors are protected in this way but mechanical playing errors are not" Bidding Boxes replaced Voice Boxes. It is easier to make a manual error than a vocal one. It is also more credible that you will not recognize the ...
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