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Bud Hinckley
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June 30, 2010
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Richard Mao, Howard Piltch
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Sapphire Life Master
Charles Clarke - Bud Hinckley
2 over 1 of a major game forcing
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Richard Mao-Bud Hinckley-Howard Piltch
2 over 1 game forcing
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Tim DeLaney - Bud Hinckley
2 over 1 Game Forcing
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Vicki McIntire - Bud Hinckley
Standard American
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Richard Mao-Bud Hinckley
2 over 1 game forcing
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Richard Mao-Bud Hinckley Sep2016
2 over 1 game forcing
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Director, Please
This looks like a "deviation" to me, a risk at getting in a lead director. If this player has done this more than rarely, an implicit agreement has occurred and should be alerted. Otherwise, no.
Bridgemates: Rules and Etiquette
Funny thing about that H8ROVER movement. It has a single positive - only a 2-board sit-out. Everything else is bad (movement balance, game equity, one-winner game when 14 of 15 pairs play cards in only one direction, etc, etc!).
Double of Their Strong NT Opening
I'll be curious about how many play double as penalty in the balance compared to in the direct seat, especially against 15-17 1NT openings. I'm likely going to be playing soon in a partnership where double in the direct seat shows one of four different hand types. But ...
Bridgemates: Rules and Etiquette
Ray, last month, I stupidly for 7 1/2 tables entered a 7-table Mitchell with rover (4-board sit-out) instead of the external H8ROVER in ACBLscore, and didn't notice until players were playing their third board. Tried switching the movement and the Bridgepad system kept getting errors and not recording ...
Bridgemates: Rules and Etiquette
Because sometimes only one or two at the table (1) know how to run the Bridgemate AND (2) have the manual dexterity to use it efficiently (quickly) and accurately.
Bridgemates: Rules and Etiquette
1. Entering all the scores at the end does not save time, and if suddenly there is a question as to number of tricks won or whether a contract was doubled 30 minutes ago, it's going to be more difficult to resolve. 2. I strongly recommend that everything possible ...
A method to use hand records for 7- and 8-table 2-session round robins
Although there might be some movements resembling Board-A-Match that I'd like to try for a single session 24 or 25 board event, if there can't be a comparison with teammates until the very end, it would never fly.
Bridgemates: Rules and Etiquette
Assuming North has the Bridgemate, North should immediately enter the contract and declarer when the auction ends, and keep it in hand (or on the table ready to immediately enter the opening lead), then enter the opening lead as dummy is being displayed. If North is dummy, then the contract ...
A method to use hand records for 7- and 8-table 2-session round robins
Using duplicated boards in team events is becoming more common in ACBL games. I’ve been trying to set up SINGLE session 3 to 7 table games where all play all boards, or at least all but one group. So far for five teams I have Round 1 1 1v3 ...
ATB- missing spade contract
This is a good hand for playing a 2 jump by North as non-invitational with a 5-card suit, and that invitational spade hands would need to start with a cuebid.

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