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Bud Hinckley
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June 30, 2010
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Sapphire Life Master
Charles Clarke - Bud Hinckley
2 over 1 of a major game forcing
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Richard Mao-Bud Hinckley-Howard Piltch
2 over 1 game forcing
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Tim DeLaney - Bud Hinckley
2 over 1 Game Forcing
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Vicki McIntire - Bud Hinckley
Standard American
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Richard Mao-Bud Hinckley
2 over 1 game forcing
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Richard Mao-Bud Hinckley Sep2016
2 over 1 game forcing
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Mindful revoke
I screw up more on the play than I do with my claims, due possibly to rushing and annoyance that cashing 9 obvious tricks is "very difficult" to understand. So in my case, the Director would be called if this happened.
Pretend it is 1993 and you’re at a bridge club.
We'd play an evening game, not afternoon, then go to the bar or someone's house and discuss the boards until well past midnight in the late '80s and early '90s. Not any more!
Placing the cards
For those of you who think the South hand is worth a Drury type 2 bid, how many of you would bid only 2 if partner was dealer?
Arrow Switches
Couldn't agree more! The first time I tried the arrow switch in Round 1, I was correcting the names at nearly every table. I want the arrow switch early, however - so the players can (1) enjoy the rest of the game and (2) can at least partially forget by ...
ACBL Live For Clubs - how to email hands/results
If you want, you should get an email shortly after the game - similar to The Common Game. I received emails from both yesterday, about 20 minutes after the game and 5 minutes apart.
If 5-4 in !c-!d, what bid do you open with?
Small singleton, no. For me, a high singleton honor in partner's major is acceptable for a 1NT rebid.
Mistaken bid
Of course, my point being that bidding the East hand as invitational seems extremely conservative. (I wonder if West bid an in tempo 3 after a 3 Bergen raise, that East would realize his conservatism and bid 4 thereafter.) As for a 4 splinter bid, if ...
Mistaken bid
Ed, as you know, if you have none of the three "double raise boxes" checked when the Weak box should be checked, you're going to need something VERY clear elsewhere on the card (or system notes) to show you are playing the double raise as weak. And although "3 ...
Mistaken bid
DavidF, how could the Director ask your system card to be better marked for this case? The Double Raise of a Major has three available boxes to check on the ACBL Convention card: 1. Force (in black) 2. Invitational (in black) 3. Weak (in red) If you have one and ...
Mistaken bid
That 6 1/2 loser East hand looks a lot closer to a 4 splinter bid than an invitational raise.

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