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Bud Hinckley
Bud Hinckley
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June 30, 2010
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Dec. 13
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Bridge Director
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United States of America

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Charles Clarke, Richard Mao, Howard Piltch
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Gold Life Master
Charles Clarke - Bud Hinckley
2 over 1 of a major game forcing
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Richard Mao-Bud Hinckley-Howard Piltch
2 over 1 game forcing
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Tim DeLaney - Bud Hinckley
2 over 1 Game Forcing
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Vicki McIntire - Bud Hinckley
Standard American
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Richard Mao-Bud Hinckley
2 over 1 game forcing
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Richard Mao-Bud Hinckley Sep2016
2 over 1 game forcing
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Bud Hinckley's bidding problem: QT92 AK73 AT7 A3
This one surprise me a lot. At imp scoring, passing with a very good 17 HCPs with no overvalued jacks and the 10-9 in one of your longer suits? Or bidding 1NT and showing a 20 HCP hand? An important question is how much strength is required for a 2 ...
Bud Hinckley's bidding problem: AJ2 K Q987654 AK
As a panelist in the District 8 Advocate Solvers Forum, I voted for the 2 reverse with a singleton, despite knowing I'd get a terrible score. (If I cared about my score, I'd have voted for 3. I was very surprised at imp scoring, that 2 ...
If a player is forced to pass, does that mean that they accept an insufficient bid?
I just read the applicable laws and saw nothing that makes me think your LHO is accepting your illegal call because he is forced to pass. I think your insufficient bid must be corrected and that your LHO doesn’t have the option to accept it - because he is required ...
Hard dillema
How can partner raise clubs and lead the 7? Can't be 7xx, can't be KQ73, can't be Q7x, declarer opened 1NT, etc. Bid 3 with 73 doubleton?
Boxed Card ???
When I saw the topic of this thread, I was really hoping this specific situation would not be brought up (again).
It took 45 years but eventually....
I was North with an auction 1-DBL-Pass-3NT and partner led the J. I mentioned later that I tend to think to lead the S!K first and think whether I should NOT lead the king. In my experience, the queen seems to be stiff more often than the ace ...
Ripped Off
Robin, in the USA (and I suspect nearly everywhere), when you buy gasoline at the pump with a credit card, there is plenty of sales tax (and other taxes) as part of the price you pay.
Ripped Off
With players paying several weeks after they play, I could see frequent occurrences of the following: 1. Player deceased shortly after playing and ACBL can't collect the money. 2. Player has a poor tournament, receives very few masterpoints, and decides not to play in ACBL events in the future ...
Poor pair game movements
You never mentioned if this was for a one session game or not. I never considered if it would be possible for ACBLscore to score this across the field, but I don't see why not. I believe you can have a standard Mitchell in one section and a standard ...
Poor pair game movements
Yes, certainly that would be my choice - if it was 25 tables, not 23. But two 11 1/2 table identical movement sections would work.

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