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Buddy Hanby
Buddy Hanby
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Basic Information

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Nov. 25, 2010
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March 7
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Bridge Player
about me

I live just north of Houston.  I practice law for a living (or used to, not so much anymore).  I have been married to Sally Wheeler for (well, a long time).  We have two (allegedly) adult offspring and two cats.  We enjoy bridge, hiking, and various board games.  I am a registered nerd who enjoys such strange things as Shakespeare and Beethoven.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
In a Spingold match against Kaplan-Kay, dummy held KTx of spades. My partner discarded the J from AJx. Kay led a spade toward dummy, announced the he wasn't born yesterday, and played the king. Everyone laughed. (We lost by a large margin).
Bridge Accomplishments
Many top 10s in NABCs.
Regular Bridge Partners
Sally Wheeler; Cindy Bernstein
Favorite Tournaments
2006 Fall Nationals in Hawaii; Sally & I were celebrating our 30th and didn't play a card!
Favorite Conventions
12-14 NT. Oh, that's a "treatment." If it must be a "convention," splinters.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Failure to Alert
This seems like a successful "double shot." If N really would have bid 1 after a support X, one wonders why this was not conveyed to the director during the away from the table conference. In addition, 90+% of most fields play support X. Perhaps, the percentage is slightly ...
Ex nihilo
West seems to have started the auction with 642 in s and ended with J642. Meanwhile the 2 has disappeared.
The WBL, the EBL, and the ACBL -- Oh, My!
I was thinking Great Bear Lake!
After 1!C (P) 1!H (P) 1NT (P), under what conditions should you bid 2!H with a five-card heart suit?
I think Richard needs a particular hand to make a judgment, and I think he's right.
New Suit Bid by Unpassed Advancer at Three-Level
I've never played good/bad 2NT, but I thought that the entire point of the convention was to bid 2NT with merely competitive hands so that new suits at the three level are forcing.
Eduard Velecky's bidding problem: 4 JT9765432 A95 ---
Something's a bit odd. If partner has a normal take-out double with 3-card heart support and shortness in clubs, West has a singleton or void in hearts and club support. No 4 or 5 bid at favorable? I suspect that partner felt forced to double with a ...
Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: QT854 KT KJT65 Q
until the dummy comes down.
What do you call such a bid?
West's first and last passes were beyond reproach. Maybe someone should suggest to West that it's best to stay close to home when walking a dog. West seems to have walked this dog into the next county.
East's failure to make a slam try is also odd. Partner raised and the bidding revealed that partner was short in hearts. But, East may know West better than we do.
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