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Buddy Hanby
Buddy Hanby
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Nov. 25, 2010
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about me

I live just north of Houston.  I practice law for a living (or used to, not so much anymore).  I have been married to Sally Wheeler for (well, a long time).  We have two (allegedly) adult offspring and two cats.  We enjoy bridge, hiking, and various board games.  I am a registered nerd who enjoys such strange things as Shakespeare and Beethoven.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
In a Spingold match against Kaplan-Kay, dummy held KTx of spades. My partner discarded the J from AJx. Kay led a spade toward dummy, announced the he wasn't born yesterday, and played the king. Everyone laughed. (We lost by a large margin).
Bridge Accomplishments
Many top 10s in NABCs.
Regular Bridge Partners
Sally Wheeler; Cindy Bernstein
Favorite Tournaments
2006 Fall Nationals in Hawaii; Sally & I were celebrating our 30th and didn't play a card!
Favorite Conventions
12-14 NT. Oh, that's a "treatment." If it must be a "convention," splinters.
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Paul Weinstock's bidding problem: K8654 AK KQJT84 ---
Would 2NT have been forcing?
Kyle Rockoff's lead problem: 7 AQ72 AQJ85 AQ4
Stop complaining. Whatever the madman sitting South was doing seems to have worked. I think we're getting more than the +430 or so that 3NT would have scored.
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: QT3 87 AQJ43 KQ8
Transfer advances?
François "Dellache"'s bidding problem: AK65 Q6 AQ854 82
Jx of clubs is a consideration, but maybe not a decisive one. Picture AQx in dummy with a lead from the K or KTx with a lead from the Q.
Alertable or not
I do, in fact, play auto-splinters in some of the auctions listed in Ed's link, but playing them as setting a suit that no one has bid naturally is innovative.
Alertable or not
If one were really playing this as a auto-splinter, it would, presumably, ask for Q-bids of 3rd-round controls. I think the double-negative denied an ace or king. However, after reading more comments, it looks like this took place in an intermediate-level game, so who knows?
Alertable or not
Barry, I think that the OP means that 4 was what is sometimes called an auto-splinter, setting hearts as trump, showing shortness, and trying for slam despite the double-negative. I've never heard of this either, but maybe it helps recover a round of bidding lost to the double-negative ...
Daniel Lyder's bidding problem: Q AKT9xx --- KQJxxx
4. 5 if LHO bids 5.
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: 7 6 AKQ9854 9765
The OP did not mention Gambling 3NT, so I assume that it was not being played.
Eric Sieg's bidding problem: AKQ73 AQ93 A742 ---
The best slam is likely to be 6. Give partner Jxx, KJTx, xxx, KJx. I can't think of a bid that will get partner to bid it with the right hand.
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