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C.-M. Chou
C.-M. Chou
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March 18, 2011
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June 30
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Bridge Player

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Chun-Ming Chou
Nature 5542
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C.-M. Chou's bidding problem: T AK74 8532 KQT9
1 with 12+HCP and 5+. 2 with 6-11 HCP, 6+, at least KQT when Both vul. A void is not allowed.
Takeout or Brown Stickers?
Based on the discussion of Professor Chip Martel(The member of the WBF Laws Committee)and me. We have some conclusion. 1. It is allowed to use the overcall 1/1/1N as T/O if there is a known 4+cards suit to against 1-level natural opening ...
Fouled Board
Each table has their 10 boards which was copied by computers so no boards were passed.
Fouled Board
I should describe more clearly that there are 10 boards per round and each table have a set of boards dealt by computers. There is only one board wrong. At the moment we couldn't find out what caused the problem and we were sure that was not caused by ...
Fouled Board
Each table have a set of boards dealt by computers. The mistake could be resulted by computers. That is why I am wondering if it is fair to both team.
C.-M. Chou's bidding problem: 973 K842 632 Q98
I have to say that C.-K. Shen insist it is impossible to see 4XX.
In the Well: Justin Lall
Hi, Justin. I would like to ask something about conventions. As I know, there is much improvement used by Europe teams after reverse bidding such as 1C-1S; 2H or else. But most Americans still use old style reverse bidding. Why? Because the limitation of ACBL or something else??? How do ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: AKQJ83 Q6 7 9843
Because I usually use Rubens Advances, I can DBL 1S to show that I want to bid 1S originally.
C.-M. Chou's bidding problem: KQ AJ54 KQ8763 J
Maybe I will have no problem. Unfortunately, my partner NEVER accept 1N opening with this hand.
C.-M. Chou's bidding problem: K96 --- KQT86 AJ865
I think support double should be still "on" because sometimes partner may bid 1S with only four spades according to the recommendation by Mr. Miles.

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