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Cagatay Kuyuk
Cagatay Kuyuk
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April 24, 2013
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June 16
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Bridge Player
about me

Striving to become an Advanced+ Level Bridge Player.

Quite enjoyable, but also considerably demanding & challenging "Quest".


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I still haven't found what I'm looking for
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Bridge regrets
So its either exit or be destroyed, no option in between? Perhaps there could be someways to play it (somehow) in a balanced way?
10 books you should read over and over...
Any suggestions for the quiz / test books? (Or which of the mentioned ones qualify?) But the title of the book (or the title of the problem) should not give any hints. (As mentioned in another post here, by one of the top players (could be Michael Rosenberg), nobody tells you ...
Why no Argine and GIB competing for the world title?
BBO has a special place (especially with the vugraphs), but I also think that Funbridge bots are much better than GIBs, currently. (You can also select the system/carding they play.)
Who Will Win the Open European Championship?
Can I delay the decision until we get a better count of the hand, lets say around RR30? If not, then I will vote for Italy and also hope that Turkey will finish within the top 8 teams.
BW 2/1 SHAPE and STRENGTH System Summaries
Thanks for your efforts and putting this KISS together. If I prefer a mixed (Shape & Strength) approach, will it be conflicting (or creating major system problems) somewhere? Such as: - Rebid of 2M is the default (can be a so-so 5-card suit). - Reverses (and “high reverses”) don’t show extras. - Rebid ...
BW 2/1: Serious 3NT
This article is a part of BW 2/1 series, but not included in its index currently.
Mastery of the Fundamentals
Thanks everyone for the suggestions.
The Best Bridge Writer Poll
It is not easy (or possible) to select only one, imo. Bird, Kantar, Kelsey, Lawrence, Mollo, Stewart (listed) are among my favorites. Klinger, Larry Cohen, Danny Roth, Marty Bergen (not listed) are also among my favorites. (And lots of others I have not read yet.) Some of them are very ...
Mastery of the Fundamentals
Everything that blocks me to play in an advanced player level (consistently). Could be losing focus, having an emotional distraction, or not using the proper technique, unable to figure out the hand, missing the count, playing too quickly or instinctively, perhaps not choosing the proper (or better) lead, bidding mistakes ...
Mastery of the Fundamentals
Actually, I did all of these (and still doing 2 & 3), it's an iterative process, I guess. After each iteration (& progress) you begin to sense the other insufficiencies (previously invisible) and some of the older mistakes/bad habits are still there. It would be very helpful if there are ...

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