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Cameron French
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March 30, 2014
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about me

I am a retired teacher.  By night, (bridge) blogger, writer, editor, director, occasional teacher and social player. 

I wrote Collateral Damage, the sordid story and cold case of a stolen National title. You can see it and other essays here;

I and a few others fail to grasp why the ACBL cannot hear and appeal that was filed in 1979 at the event in question. By that abdication, they have conspired to deny the title to the rightful winners and thereby endorsed self-confessed and convicted cheaters. 

Have had the joy of discussing the integrity of our game with many of our elite. I thank them for their encouragement and support. 

I have a fabulous son with the greatest name in Negro League history. You can figure that out. 

I reside in suburban Toronto, happy in love and life. New spouse, two new sons, alas, no card players, yet.

Anyone is invited to contact me at 

Love the MSC. Feel TBW & our game can always use more humour. 

Love Kantar, Philip and Robert King, Mollo, the Abbot and Right Through the Pack. 

Miss Fred. 




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Playing Barry Crane.
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Published in The Bridge World on four occasions.
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Glorious Dummies
The double was silly...perhaps a Lowenthal disciple. Bought well both times...just lucky? Brazen...wd. C
Arrogant or Obvious
Pretending, delusional as I may be, for a fleeting moment I am a peer, with Justin, Brad, Geoff, Nick. Justin on lead cashes K/K/A as a passed hand (I know, unrealistic). I claim putting my cards back in with a wink of my eye. If they did it ...
Arrogant or Obvious
Yes, Lenny Harmon. C
Arrogant or Obvious
Your question is "unclear". It is not that tough. NS right or not? You decide. C
Life was so simple then
What did you do to alienate Bridgetta? Must have been nasty.... C
Has it happened to you ever?
Dorothy Hayden Truscott can beat that. Playing in a major event, after a few boards she realized she had played the entire set a few weeks prior. She went to the directors who told her she was delusional. Privately, they came to know she was right. She returned and they ...
Ethics re: opening 1NT with small singleton in quasi-ACBL competition
Ethics are not malleable. More like standards, as in what construction/engineering standards would you prefer enforced on this building? The dictionary says: plural noun: ethics; noun: ethics 1. Moral principles that govern a person's behavior or the conducting of an activity. 2. The branch of knowledge that deals ...
Arrogant or Obvious
All of the above. C
Arrogant or Obvious
Perhaps I was insufficiently clear. This is a Vanderbilt final. You certainly know one another but likely don't exchange Christmas cards. A team mate of the "smug" one is Tobias himself. (yes, he passed the AK/A) Would identifying the participants add value? You tell me. C
Arrogant or Obvious
CB Not sure the two are analogous, as the silence after EK's remark betrayed the fact. Edgar wasn't proud of this moment. This declarer was indeed "smug" (TBW words) and presumably imagined his opponents would be more understanding. NOT saying he deserved it, just reporting. My guess, if ...

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