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Cameron French
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March 30, 2014
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about me

I am a retired teacher.  By night, (bridge) blogger, writer, editor, director, occasional teacher and social player. 

I wrote Collateral Damage, the sordid story and cold case of a stolen National title. You can see it and other essays here;

I and a few others fail to grasp why the ACBL cannot hear and appeal that was filed in 1979 at the event in question. By that abdication, they have conspired to deny the title to the rightful winners and thereby endorsed self-confessed and convicted cheaters. 

Have had the joy of discussing the integrity of our game with many of our elite. I thank them for their encouragement and support. 

I have a fabulous son with the greatest name in Negro League history. You can figure that out. 

I reside in suburban Toronto, happy in love and life. New spouse, two new sons, alas, no card players, yet.

Anyone is invited to contact me at 

Love the MSC. Feel TBW & our game can always use more humour. 

Love Kantar, Philip and Robert King, Mollo, the Abbot and Right Through the Pack. 

Miss Fred. 




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Playing Barry Crane.
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Published in The Bridge World on four occasions.
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Rashomon Redux
Thanks Ed. Enjoyed immensely. C
Rashomon Redux
Trust you will laugh out loud. C
Rashomon Redux
Brain cramp. Fixed (with Eugene's help). My mistake.
Crowd-Sourcing the Bridge World's March 2020 MSC Contest
Apart from the MSC (which I love) there are recent championship results with expert analysis, Challenge the Champs, book reviews, insightful editorials, proposals for new conventions and much more. As only veteran Bridge World subscriber may recall, I was invited by Edgar no less to join the MSC panel. My ...
Mentality of Cheating
In bridge and golf, there is an understanding written into the rules about fair play. In golf, you are expected and required to call a penalty upon yourself. The line...“Winning. It all comes down to winning,” Dr. Eric Bean wrote in an e-mail interview with the Globe. Winning = money ...
Open Letter to ACBL Board of Directors -- Housing Bureau, NABC Rooms, Montreal Summer NABC
Some people (perhaps retired with no life).....(JS) Johnathan, I respect your expertise and advocacy. As a "retired person" I do have a life. Perhaps you might be more judicious with your choice of words. I love retired life, and it was forced upon me. It does not elevate nor ...
Play this slam
I blame partner. C
MONTREAL "Summer Nationals" in July
Bienvenue a Quebec! You are right to draw attention to sub-par service. Maybe this will result in change. I trust others will enjoy a superior reservation experience. And, I hope when you are on your way back home, you get to say, damn I liked Montreal and had a super ...
The more moral game
Perhaps Mr. Morphy was not referring to bridge per se but rather the back room dens of card sharks, fixed games and more cash-oriented endeavours. I have a "Bridge" book, (maybe one hand in the entire thing) called The Devil's Tickets. Cards were sinful (back in the day) in ...
Quotes About Bridge (Or might have been)
I have a bridge story featuring Mae. She was very witty, funny, clever. Coming soon to book sellers near you. (sure) My personal favourite: (To the leading man - in a movie). Mae: "We're intellectual opposites." Poor Sap: "What do you mean?" Mae:"I'm intellectual." Curtain. C

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