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Camille Cros
Camille Cros
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May 2, 2012
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April 3
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2/1 game force, 5 cards majors
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I don‘t understand Drury
1NT by a passed hand shouldn't remain forcing and goes up to 11HCP (or 10 if you open every 11-count) Drury is a (very) fine convention IMO and auctions such as p-1M-2-4M are among my favorite ones : very relaxing, efficient and undisclosed TYPO EDITED
Vanderbilt Round of 32 Vugraph matches
Street, Fleisher, Pszczola, Tullin, Mittelman... But Street-Cohler figures to be closed
Thinking - About what?
As a TD I would first ask North : 1) Has he thought for some time ? 2) What was he thinking about ? Usually inexperienced players don't lie to TD and he'll answer the truth to both questions. Then maybe he'll present arguments convincing enough... NB : I consider neither ...
The never never land
4 (?!) For a robot it looks like a 8-bagger with 6-10HCP : a pure preempt, isn't it ?
Best line for this grand?
Agree, but I replied to fast anyway Can't draw trump if they break 3-1 after having ruffed 2 diamonds in dummy
Best line for this grand?
Ruff, K, ruff, draw trumps Then ruff the spades out setting up a trick if they break at worst 4-2. If the suit doesn't behave, go for a black squeeze.
Pretend to Be Steve Weinstein
I like your story but your conclusion seems wrong : Steve did a good job pretending to be you ! :)
Moreover please notice that DBL is a very "safe" call : If partner leaves the double in we'll probably do ok on defense with 2 trumps, an Ace-King combination, a side Ace and a shortness... If he prefers bidding up to 5 or 6 something, the contract will have some ...
I chose "other". IMO all first round calls are OK. The problems arise at the 2nd turn. East might act, but it is very dangerous at this vulnerability. However, I would double in the passout seat with the West's cards. Pass followed by doubled in this type of auction ...
A Minor Case of Deja Vu
Swiss Teams, some years ago. My opponents bid to a GS which needed a finesse to success. The finesse was on ; the contract made. On the very next board they bid to another GS which essentially needed a side suit not to break 5-0 offside or the trump suit to ...

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