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Camille Cros
Camille Cros
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May 2, 2012
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Sept. 5
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2/1 game force, 5 cards majors
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François "Dellache"'s bidding problem: K KQT96 AQT KQT5
In wich other strain than do you expect to land ? It can't be , but it could be . I'd rather opt for a direct 6 and partner may correct to 6 if he has 4 of them
Is this forcing?
Timo, I agree 2 NF is better when it allows you to stop in 2 when this is right (ie. opener has 4 of them) but a lot of partnership already have a direct bid over 1 to show this hand type 5/4-5 below ...
Is this forcing?
Even if 2 is INV+ (3 and 2NT by opener would be NF) or if you play 2 as a natural one-round-force call (as I do); the 3 follow-up sounds NF
Marshall Lewis's bidding problem: --- KJ98652 AKQ7 95
I opt to double 4 but I was very close to pick up 7 At these colors, holding a void, I deem the auction that happened at the table very likely but not desirable at all. Double is dubious because our AKQ of aren't worth ...
Charles Blair's bidding problem: Jx AKxx AKxxx xx
I usuallly open 1NT with 2=4=5=2 if the range is ok but low-low and jack-low in the black suits compared to AK-fifth AK-fourth in the long suit tells me to go for 1-2 (2 is to aggressive)
Reverse Bidding Problem
I agree with the 4-1-3-5 wich is by far the most likely to suit this auction Maybe the suggested hand is a bit too strong for this bid (I could bid the same way without the jack)
Reverse Bidding Problem
Over 1 this hand looks like a pretty easy club bid to me. Some NT addicts would probably prefer a off-shape & off-range 2NT rebid or even a wild but not unsound 3NT
Assuming that you play Leaping Michaels, is 4m forcing?
Passing a forcing bid is either right or wrong, according to the result. Though on a rational basis it must be wrong.
Mini & Weak No Trump
Competitive bidding also seems a lot different since opener now has a continuous range of NT 15-19 as pointed out earlier Most auction nowadays are comptetive and there is often a lot to win, or to lose, in those situations IMHO this is the part where the most care is ...
Mini & Weak No Trump
What about 1-1-2 in a weak NT context (say 12-14) ? Does this show 12-14 UNBAL or 15-17 BAL ? Would 3 show 15-17 any shape ?

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