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Can Berktaş
Can Berktaş
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Aug. 16, 2016
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March 26
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Ercan Cem's bidding problem: J86 AK9 2 AK6543
1 bid 1 and it was the 6th different bid :)
Can Berktaş's bidding problem: KQ72 K9865 6 754
partner will face with 3 then problem starts..
Stefan Olausson's bidding problem: T J63 KJ AKQT952
pd is 6x4x 5 is more likely then 3NT
David Sackett's bidding problem: J KJ642 AKT873 A
2N asking for minor with some values 3 is also for minor but has no serious valures...
David Lin's bidding problem: J2 AQJ52 KJ98 K4
Yes I missed... and we all miss you :)
David Lin's bidding problem: J2 AQJ52 KJ98 K4
I am the only one who bid 5H... pd has no spade points so 5H is cold.... the question is if W will go down 3 or not? I hope he knows what he is doing.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: 532 T86 842 9742
I want to cry!
Omer Ekinci's bidding problem: T764 A A752 AT92
The difference is the 3 A hand would not pass to 2 and could bid on and hoping to find 4-4 in spade may be bidding after 2 which should show 4 card because he didn't overcall at the first round or may be 2NT. If you ...
David Carlisle's bidding problem: T93 AKQT86 A97 A
any bid ok but not 3
Yusuf Sohtorik's bidding problem: KJ985 AJ8 AKJ7 7
I Think it's about my childhood... I was so poor and had no pocket money... Now when I have some money, I directly go to an auction and start biding :)

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