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Carl Chadwick
Carl Chadwick
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June 22, 2014
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Dec. 31, 2016
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bridge player

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Carl Chadwick
2 over 1
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That truly is an ignorant and completely unnecessary comment Gary. Nothing in my post warrants that conclusion. "He's rejected every suggestion made by the good people here"? Your comment clearly shows that you have not been reading others' views on this subject. I know how important it is to ...
Bridge Winners Partnership Desk
Posting that people are no longer looking adds still more clutter. Going in the wrong direction here.
Bridge Winners Partnership Desk
This agrees with my earlier comment, Scott, that were posters able to delete their own partnership requests as they see fit, this site would be more accurate and tidier.
Bridge Winners Partnership Desk
The first Denver partnership request would be the 5th entry on the list of 44 partnership postings Neal. I still seem to scratch my head about the need for the final 40.
Bridge Winners Partnership Desk
I don't see the relevance of your comment Gary to my suggestion.
Bridge Winners Partnership Desk
I guess Eugene it doesn't seem such an onerous task to me - perhaps I am unaware of what would be involved? I would have guessed less than a minute or two. Can you not allow the poster to delete his own posting without the need for BW to be ...
Is This True? Mike Passell Case
Mike now has to spend those 2 weeks celebrating the Christmas holidays at home with his family, doing last minute shopping, attending New Year's Eve parties, not to mention having to watch those annoying NFL playoffs and bowl games. That'll teach him.
The Videos Speak: Sky Masterson
My inner ear itches at times which I relieve by scratching. From now on I'm going to check to see if I hold the spade jack when this irritation occurs. If this is indeed the problem, it will save me a visit to the doctor.
The Videos Speak: Balicki - Zmudzinski
A prolonged stare would be ill-advised but a quick furtive glance at minimum should be expected if you are awaiting a signal. I am looking at Z's eyes when the signal is offered to see where he is looking - often C withdraws his "signal" (perhaps in frustration) when it ...
The Videos Speak: Balicki - Zmudzinski
Although it appears pretty obvious (maybe too obvious?) that Balicki is clearly making an unusual gesture with his hand flat and fingers extended, it seems that Z is not looking nor paying attention to his action on the majority of these hands. Would you not expect him to be more ...
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