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Carl Vervoort
Carl Vervoort
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July 1, 2011
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about me

Intermediate/Newcomer at an advanced retired age; enjoying the catch-up process. Bridge book collector on a small scale. Enjoy reading about the history of the game and how the so-called professionals play and behave.   'Standard American' reminds me of the expression "The nice thing about standards is that you have so many to choose from."


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Bridge Books of Yesteryear
Also for book collectors, see Tim Bourke and John Sugden's book published 2010 titled "Bridge Books in English 1886-2010, An Annotated Bibliography". It is a 711 page tome plus appendices plus a supplement. Unfortunately, riddled with numerous typos.
Your 20 words on the topic ETHICS.
Bid and play in tempo and without showing any body language. Never criticize partner or give unsolicited advice. Be courteous.
Nominate a New Name for Fantunes
Keep the name. It offers an opportunity to remind others that even good bridge minds can be cheaters. Alternatively, call it Modified Fantunes, i.e. without the cheating part.
Against cheating - modified screens
@Georgiana. At this stage in the evolution of duplicate, elimination of bidding boxes would not mean a return to verbal bidding owing to the problems you raise. I think they would be replaced by an electronic entry/display device of some kind (yet to be determined). Until that is perfected ...
Against cheating - modified screens
Interesting video. This is an improvement relatively easily adopted to inhibit some forms of cheating. Additionally, markings on the table for the orientation and location of the board, for opening leads and for the placement of dummy's cards are other simple inexpensive features. Rules prohibiting the touching of dummy ...
Should the Sion-Cokin team be stripped of tites?
@Nick. You may be thinking of the Bobby Wolff book "The Lone Wolff" on page 238 he writes: Quote The pair were barred for five years, after which they were reinstated with the stipulation that they could no longer play together. However, in 1,997 Sion was caught on video ...

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